Wellington, New Zealand
The day before I left New Zealand I recorded this interview with Kim Hill of Radio New Zealand. She has a reputation for being a tough interviewer, and she certainly asked some incisive and searching questions Рbut overall I came out of the experience relatively unscathed, and was in fact delighted that we had bypassed the small talk and got down to the personal stuff.

Few people can relate to rowing across an ocean, but many can relate to relationships, a frustrating job, or feeling the fear of life changes – all of which we discuss in this interview.

Reviews so far:

“Brilliant! We may have a few more ocean rower potentials in KiwiLand now!” (Rob Hamill, NZ ocean rower)

“Awesome! …informative, inspirational and entertaining” (George van Meeuwen, NZ speaker agent)

Click here to hear the interview in full. Available for 7 days only, according to the Radio New Zealand website.

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