Chearsley, Bucks, UK

Adrian Flanagan set out in October last year to sail around the world via the polar regions. I set out in November to row across the Atlantic. I was out there for 103 days which felt like a REALLY long time. Adrian has had to temporarily abandon his mission due to Russian red tape, but even so, he has been out there, mostly alone, nearly 3 times as long as I was at sea.

His story is too long to tell here – look at his website for the full tale.

Adrian helped me out with my weather when my original weatherman let me down. When Adrian was pre-occupied with rounding the Cape, he handed over to Ricardo Diniz, his weatherman from Portugal. I hadn’t spoken to either of them since I was in mid-Atlantic. Today I saw them both in Chearsley with Adrian’s ex-wife Louise and their sons to celebrate his birthday.

[photo: L to R: Ricardo, Benjamin, Adrian and Louise]

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