On Saturday my erstwhile crewmate, Andrew Morris, will set out to row from Bristol to London via the inland waterways. Originally, of course, this was supposed to be the lap of honour after our row across the North Atlantic, but since icebergs kyboshed our plans the scope had to be radically adjusted.

More details, including Mos’s inland route, are on the OAR website. Do please get down to the riverbank if you can, and give him your support. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Mos all the very best of luck, and I look forward to catching up with him for a beer at some point along the route.

We have put together this short video to explain the difficult decision to cancel this year’s transatlantic row, including never-seen-before footage of some of the icebergs off the coast of St John’s in Newfoundland. Many thanks to John McIntyre of Plastic Oceans for filming and editing.


Other Stuff:

Thanks to Erkki Taada for posting a link to the interview with The Adrenalist: Roz Savage is A Master of the Ocean. Thanks also for all the other comments on my previous blog. Happy to find you hadn’t deserted me during prolonged radio silence!

Houses of Parliament

My meetings this week at Number Ten Downing Street (official residence of British Prime Minister) and at the Houses of Parliament went very well. More in an upcoming blog – including photo of me outside Number Ten’s famous front door!

[Featured image: Roz and Mos in Bojangles off the coast of Newfoundland]


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  • Thanks for the update, Roz, and images of the “iceberglets”. What isn’t clear from above sea-level is that a piece of melting ice that looks small and even insignificant on the surface is about ten times larger below and has extremely sharp edges that could easily cut though your boat even at rower’s speed of 2 knots or so.
    We look forward with eager anticipation to your next book and plans for your further adventuring.
    Please don’t keep us waiting too long for posts!

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