Woodside, CA

I got back to my ‘home’ in California at 2am last night. It can’t be natural, zipping across the time zones and seasons like this. I feel like I’ve slipped through a time warp – yesterday England was settling comfortably into the greyness of autumn, but this morning I woke up to California’s eternal summer. My body clock is protesting not just at its day-clock disruption – its year-clock is confused as well.

A word of warning: my internet access is going to be patchy this week. The connection was cut off just before I went away 4 weeks ago, due to an administrative oversight on the part of my landlord. He paid the bill promptly, but service has not been restored. When I rang up this morning AT&T informed me that yes, the account had been paid, but they had not specifically been asked to reconnect the line.

Duh! Wouldn’t it be kind of OBVIOUS?! I guess not.

It will be reconnected on Friday, just before I hit the road again: on Saturday I leave for a 4-day sailing voyage, and thence to Washington State for the start of my mega-US-road-trip: diagonally across the US to Miami to collect Sedna, and then through the southern states with Sedna in tow, back to the West Coast.

So for now I am sitting outside, piggybacking on my neighbour’s wireless internet. Maybe there are advantages to California’s eternal summer after all – couldn’t do this in England’s autumnal rain…

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