In my last blog I announced that we are launching a new eco initiative, called Eco Heroes. It is a cross between a game, a social media site, and a save-the-world environmental challenge. If you look at my homepage, you’ll see that I now have an extremely attractive Eco Heroes widget settling in nicely over on the right hand side.

I would be incredibly grateful if you could support us by passing the news along. Like all social media applications, Eco Heroes relies on having as many people as possible signed up from the get-go. We already have over 1,200 signups, purely from my announcement at the presentations for National Geographic last week. So we’re off to a good start, but the more the merrier. So please help us spread the word!

There are lots of ways to let your friends and/or  your online community know about Eco Heroes – through a blog, a Tweet, or by adding the Eco Heroes widget to your website. There is also a video that introduces our modest little plan to save the world.





The site is now open for pre-registration, and users will be notified by email when we go fully live around the time I launch the third and final stage of my solo Pacific row, from Kiribati to Australia, around April 17.

Users can also sign up by SMS. This has worked really well for us when giving presentations. All they have to do is to text “Person Name” to phone number (360) 262-6062.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are the lifeblood of initiatives like ours. Tweet, blog, email, call, Facebook, write a letter to the editor, post a message on your company’s intranet, stick a poster by the water fountain – even good old-fashioned TALK about Eco Heroes, and help save the world!

(And if you’ve got any great ideas for other ways to get the news out, and if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know by posting a comment on this blog.)


  • Oops, sorry, there was an error in the phone number for SMS signup. This has now been corrected. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    More haste, less speed!

  • Twitter coverage can be expanded by adding tags like #ocean, #environment, #climate, #350 … etc.

    I would also suggest that tweets include a tag #ecohero so we Eco Heros can search and see all of the activity. After it really gets rolling, the activity will be astounding and being able to search #ecohero and see it all will be really inspiring for us as well as for others considering signing up.

  • Hey Roz, Marilyn and I publish a monthly newsletter, The All American RunnerDuck Review, and quite often feature you especially when you are on the ocean. This months newsletter talks about your visit but more importantly a lot about your cause and the ECO-Hero effort. The newsletter goes out to almost 3,800 people so hopefully you will see a little bump in people who sign up. You can see a copy of it here,
    We’ll keep the pressure on for you!

  • Thank you Runner Duck for your support for Roz, my daughter. We do appreciate it. Just one point from your website – other women had rowed the Atlantic solo before Roz, but she was the first to do it through the Atlantic Rowing Race – in fact the only solo female entrant to date. The present Rowing Race is now almost over, most of the boats having arrived in Antigua. I was so sad to see that two men on one of the boats, having rowed all the way across the Atlantic, ended up on the rocks on the Antigua coast, and therefore did not qualify as they did not cross the finishing line. Fortunately they and their boat were rescued. They know, though, that they rowed the distance and arrived there.

  • Hi Rita, Thanks for pointing that out to us obviously we were confused. By the way we had a wonderful time with your daughter and she spoke very highly of you. You really do have a great daughter in Roz!

  • Hi Roz,

    Fellow TCP’r say your post via the Wiki and Doug. We recently launched a new website and blog, targeted at parents of all ages who want to learn more about climate change. We just put your “badge” up on our blog, and would be happy to put up the eco heroes campaign on our website under “campaigns!” Power to you…! You are an incredible inspiration!!

  • I enjoy watching heroes, it came from boring into a very good tv show now. After watching first few eps, Thought, its just an xmen . Now its really thrilling, I really hope new episoded will be released sooner.

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