Portsmouth, England

OK, it’s time I came clean. I’ve been deliberately keeping fairly quiet about my departure date, as we are taking a low-key approach this year after the events of last summer. We don’t want to build it up to a fever pitch, only for it all to come to a premature end after just ten days…

But a number of people have been asking, via email and the comments, when I plan to set out again on the Pacific. So for regular readers of this website, here is the latest Estimated Time of Departure:

I will be on standby to depart from May 15th, and hope to be out at sea by the end of June at the latest. The actual date and place of departure depend totally on the weather.

My weatherman, Rick Shema of Weatherguy.com, will be scanning the whole western coast of the US, searching for a window of at least 3 days, and preferably more, of a let-up in the prevailing onshore winds. When he tells me where and when, I will drop everything, hitch up my boat to my car, wave goodbye to my friends, and go.

It could be as little as a few hours notice – but hopefully I will have a few minutes to make an announcement on this website.

I will also make sure I add a final posting to Twitter.com, where I regularly post one-line updates on what I am doing. If you haven’t explored Twitter, take a look. You can start Twittering yourself, and/or follow my status updates – either on Twitter itself (my username is rozsavage) or by becoming my friend on Facebook (again, search for me as rozsavage).

If all this talk of Twittering and Facebook is gobbledegook to you, don’t worry. Just keep following this site!

[photo: last year’s departure from Crescent City]

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