We had hoped to leave on Monday, but the ice continues to be a concern. So for now we have decided to postpone at least until Saturday of next week, while we continue to monitor the ice situation.

There is plenty on dry land to keep us busy. Boats seem to be perpetually a work in progress, so we continue to refine designs, tweaking scupper flaps, enhancing the oar lockers, adding a canopy to provide some shelter while we peel off foul weather gear so as not to track seawater into the cabin.

Meanwhile Naomi and I took a few hours off this afternoon to explore a bit of the north coast of Newfoundland. We left our lodgings with Harry and Diane Spurrell in sunshine, but the weather soon turned to rain showers and wind. But it was still beautiful. I’m actually very happy to have a bit more time to explore this very special place.

Roz out on a walk near Brigus, Newfoundland

By the way, in case you didn’t know, Newfoundland is not pronounced NewFOUNDland, it’s NewfoundLAND. To get it right, say “Understand Newfoundland” so that the two words rhyme, and you’ll be close enough.


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  • http://www.pronouncenames.com/pronounce/Newfoundland

    Here you go team Roz, .. the link is to “how to pronounce Newfoundland” 

    btw.. not too late to wish Rita a happy Mother’s Day… Just sayin!

    Roz, how about putting a big black bumper on the nose of Bojangles and shaping it like a Newfie’s snout? … Elephant seal?

    Or maybe a “probe”, a long tent pole or bamboo stick similar to the design of a narwhal’s horn?

    I am being serious! I don’t think it could hurt! >>>

    Possessed with a full confidence of the certain success which British valor must gain over such enemies, I have led you up these steep and dangerous rocks, only solicitous to show you the foe within your reach. ~James Wolfe

    Row Roz Row!

  • Roz, I think you are being very prudent to take pause. I recall writing a haiku in jest, but inspired by my curiosity and concern about rowing backwards between bergy bits … one must be Olympian and very zen to sense low lying ice behind one’s back. Reprise:

    Haiku for “Launch Minus 2 Months” 

    Rowers Roz and Mos
    Atlantic North backwards cross
    Olympians zen

    Keep you eyes pealed for maverick ice bergs, Roz ‘n’ Mos

    (March 12 – http://bit.ly/BackwardsCross)

    Don’t rush, Roz! I have a fun saying “Go Slow Quickly”
    inspired by the end-of-the-month Slow Living Summit.
    For now, Roz, take your time, ponder, go slow, quickly.

    Whoa, Roz! Whoa!

  • Roz, I am a hundred (or so) nautical miles south of you along the Maine coast, and the weather here has been generally cold and foul for a couple of weeks now.   Hoping this pattern changes soon so you can be on your way!   I admire your patience in delay, I get impatient with the weather here and I’m not attempting to row an ocean!

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