Isn’t it funny how when you lose something, and then find it again, you’re so much happier than if you’d never lost it in the first place? There is nothing that cheers me up more than finding something I thought was gone forever – apart from my electrical system starting to work again when I thought it was a goner.

Yesterday the old Sunsaver Duo unit was up to its old tricks again, blinking its ominous red eye of death at me. The usual remedies did not work, so I turned everything off and sent it to bed with no supper, hoping it would have come to its senses today. This may not sound like a very scientific approach to electrical maintenance, but you’d be surprised how often it works.

This morning I woke up ready to go into battle. I put fresh batteries in my head lamp, armed myself with trusty screwdriver, and opened up the control panel. And was greeted by the welcome sight of a little green LED gazing steadily out from the recesses. It had indeed come to its senses.

I am beginning to suspect that the problem might be related to the temperature in the cabin. I will test this theory if it happens again. But it would be really nice if the opportunity didn’t arise. It is not good for my nerves.

I also did a stocktake of my remaining food supplies, and found that I’m in reasonable shape, although I may never want to look a beansprout in the face again once this voyage is over. I even treated myself to a new pair of rowing gloves, and although conditions are still too rough for half-way celebrations, it’s nice to know that I have those treats to look forward to. Even the anticipation is a treat.

So all in all, apart from it being a majorly bouncy and splashy day, stress levels are low and morale is high aboard the good ship Sedna Solo.

Other Stuff:

I wasn’t able to download incoming emails last night, so I’ll pick up on your comments in my next blog. It wasn’t really a technical problem that prevented the download – just that I lost the satellite connection after uploading my blog, before the downloads had completed. I tried a few times to re-establish the connection, but to no avail, and meanwhile was getting very nervous due to the high probability of getting chucked around the cabin.

So I’m not ignoring you. I’ll get caught up eventually.

The forecast is for winds and waves to abate somewhat tonight. Fingers crossed. My TimTams await.

I had a good chat with a journalist from the Daily Mail the other day, on an unusually good satphone connection. The Daily Mail has been vocal in its support for a ban on plastic bags in the UK, so we were discussing how they and the Olympic bag ban campaign” can help each other. All good stuff.

Quote for the day, apropos of my reaching halfway: “From a certain point onward, there is no turning back. That is the point that must be reached.” (Franz Kafka)

Sponsored Miles: Grateful thanks to the following, some of whom have contributed to several miles: Doug Grandt, Chris Lynch, Robert F Harrison, Jeffrey Blatt, Kenny Runnerduck, Thomas Heavey, Nate Beery and Ward Carpenter.


  • This is in response and complimentary to Roz’s “Jennifer Government” Podcast Episode 43 Podcast and Blog Day 92. (Roz, it is an introductory audio clip of the book)  Additionally here are two Ted Talks videos that some of your fans may be interested in. Admittedly, they are not half as entertaining as Hans Rosling’s. Geoffrey West: The Surprising Math of Cities and Corporations Bill Gates: Innovating to Zero And just for fun, because there are several parallels between you and acheiving impossible things, Magician David Blaine explains how he went about the process in order to break the world record of holding his breath for 17 minutes without using magic I like your story better.

    Row Roz Row!


  • It must take a long time to loose your sea legs once you get on dry land. When you go to sleep does the bed feel like it’s rocking?

  • Howdy Roz,  Forgot to say the other day…a little chapstick (lip balm, or vaseline (petroleum jelly) or beeswax, not likely you have any, or candle wax) would help the salty zipper on your jacket.
    Halfway!  Yay!    

  • bean sprouts. its so hot here my first batch got all moldy! hope you don’t have that problem. i love sleeping in rocking boats. i feel like a baby in the bough. i read your bio. my s.o. and i are amicably parting as i start the roaming process. sailors have such hard times with LTRs. 

  • bean sprouts. My last batch went mouldy before growing big enough for my liking too. It’s not hot at the moment so I must have done something wrong.

    Congrats for the halfway point, Roz. Hoping to a fast flowing second half with no unfixable problems.

    Do you keep your old cloves to auction off?

    • This comment by my friend Harriet is my fave:

      “Follow on Vancouvers carbon neutral Olympic attempt. Take it farther! For our children and the earth!!” (#1,827)

      Check out Harriet’s website

      Row for our children, Roz!

  • Hello Roz, Mmmmm, sprouts, great
    stuff. I see you are in good company with Lynn Hill and the athletes


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