La Gomera, the day the race started.

18 February 2006

All day I have waited for the telephone to ring but Roz has not phoned. I have checked her progress on the Atlantic Rowing Race website times without number. Sedna Solo is moving, though the mileage on Friday and today have not been as good as the previous few days. One good thing is that although the wind is ENE and would be moving the boat south west, Sedna has moved a bit more to the north, towards latitude 17 where she needs to be to reach Antigua. This can only mean that Roz is working hard at clawing back the degrees south where the wind and waves had taken her. A good sign in more ways than one.
I do hope and pray that whatever the problem is with the communications that it can be overcome. Other boats have had similar problems and been out of touch for days. Anyone who has been following the saga of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell will know this was only one of the various problems with which they had battled.
The picture that I hope to add tonight was taken on the day that the race began, and clearly shows the Royal Navy sticker on Roz’ boat. Members of the Navy have been very supportive and helpful, and Roz is proud to have them on her list of sponsors. On the home page you may have seen that the venue for the welcome back party to be held in London will be on navy premises. They are doing her proud!

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