Surfacing WhaleYesterday’s GPS trail looked like a line of Arabic script – a wonky line going from right to left. Today’s looks like… well, a lot more like a GPS trail should look. A more or less straight line south-southwest, with only the occasional kink and wiggle showing where squalls interrupted my push southwards.

Last night when I retired to my bunk at 1am I was anxious that the elements seemed to be pushing me north-northeast, back the way I’d come, but I was too tired to row any more. So it was with a sense of trepidation that I turned on the GPS this morning, wondering where I might have drifted during the six hours I’d been away from the oars. But to my delighted surprise the screen showed that I’d traveled southwest – not very far, admittedly, but definitely in a helpful direction.

And today has continued generally good. The wind has been fickle, swinging through all points of the compass, but so light that I have been able to set my course without being pushed around too much. I crossed over 3 degrees North – and then another 13 miles south beyond that.

This evening I was listening to a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks about the Law of Attraction, a concept I’ve been familiar with for 6 or 7 years now. The idea is that whatever you focus on, you attract into your life. The trouble is that many people focus on what they DON’T want, rather than what they DO want. And the Law doesn’t discriminate between the two – you still get it whether you want it or are determined to avoid it.

Generally, I absolutely agree that the Law holds true. I’ve seen it operate in my own life – both positively and negatively. Fortunately now that I know about it I’m much better at using it to my advantage, and many spooky serendipities have convinced me that it really works. I get goosebumps when I feel it happening, and it seems to happen more and more as I get clearer about my intentions.

But does it apply to weather? Of that I am not convinced. I’ve been feeling a lot more positive the last couple of days. I’d be hard pushed to say whether I am feeling more positive because of the good progress, or if the good progress has been as a result of my more positive feelings. My suspicion is that weather obeys the laws of physics over the law of attraction – or maybe I just keep seeing those big black squall clouds bearing down on me and lose my focus on the positive. I’d be really interested to know if anybody has any stories to report of “mind over meteorology” – aka anti-rain dances!

[photo: Still trying to identify the whales I saw the other day – here is a picture of the whale at the surface. Sorry – no pictures of the whales smiling, so I don’t know if they had teeth or baleen (what are baleen anyway?!). Also apologies to people who get this blog via Feedblitz – if you want to see the photo you’ll have to come to because we are still unable to fix the problem with posting a photo as an attachment to my blog. Sorry for the inconvenience – but there’s loads of good stuff on my new-look website so I hope you’ll enjoy taking a look anyway!]

Other Stuff:

I haven’t received comments today, so apologies for not acknowledging the recent comments, questions and quips from the Rowsters. But Nicole did send me through the responses to yesterday’s Tweet – “so quiet out here you could hear a fish flatulate” – which seems to have caused much hilarity in the Twittersphere!

Weather report:

Position at 2310 HST: 02 46.988N, 176 10.299W
Wind: 0-5kts, N-S
Seas: 1-3ft
Weather: mostly fine with scattered cloud, increase in squalls this

Weather forecast, courtesy of

Latest Roz tracker reported your position as: 03 06N 175 48W as of 03Aug 0238HST.

As of Monday morning 3 Aug 2009. According to measured data, there is SE winds 0-8kts in your area with moderate to light rainshowers. South
of the equator, more of the same. Wind direction should to shift more ENEerly 5-15kts today then, SE 5-15kts on 01 Aug becoming light and variable and possibly SW 5-15kts.Uncertainty remains in the forecast, as previously discussed.

According to satellite imagery, there is moderate convection with heavy rainshowers and squalls overhead and to your north. Minimal cloud activity to your south.

Sky conditions: Mostly cloudy. Scattered heavy rainshowers, squalls, and possible thunderstorms.

Forecast (low confidence due to extreme variability in equatorial regions and naturally occurring small scale fluctuations in direction/speed in the Doldrums)
Date/Time HST Wind kts Seas (ft) est
03/1800-04/1200 SE-E 5-15 2-5
04/1200-04/1800 E-NE 5-15 2-5
04/1800-05/0600 NE-E 5-15 2-5
05/1800-05/2100 E-SE 5-15 2-5
05/2100-06/0600 SE-S 0-10 1-4
06/0600-07/0000 Light and Variable 1-4
07/0000-08/0000 SE 5-10 1-5

Next Update: Thursday, 06 August


  • Roz, regarding the law of attraction, in a way it seems to be the opposite of serendipity, which is the discovery of something fortunate while one is focusing on something else entirely. If the law of attraction dictates that I get what I focus on, how can I find other things through serendipity? And if something serendipitous happens, then what about getting the thing I was focusing on through the law of attraction?

    That should give you at least a few good minutes of thought while rowing. 🙂

  • Hi, Good to know you are feeling more positive, if the whale is a False Killer Whale it has teeth, Baleen Whales do not, they have plates in the upper jaw that filter food from the water, feed on krill & plankton. the baleen are like a flexible material that hang down, I’m sure others will give you more info! Have enjoyed your photo’s of the wildlife and sunsets.Have a good day

  • Ahoy Roz!
    Markus here.

    I know that you know, how much I support you as a friend, admire your adventurous spirit — and believe in you and your mission goals. Up until now, I have from the wings, quietly enjoyed your blog — as well as, enjoyed the enthusiastic chatter of the Rozlings.

    However, now that you are up to your oarlocks in ITCZness, I thought I better check in with a big hello, and a reminder that I read your blog every single morning over a very strong cup of coffee (I wake up extra early, just so I can enjoy it at a nice leisurely pace).

    Naturally, I continue to tell anyone who will listen, all about you. Cece and I (a very close friend and neighbor), debrief from our working days — by walking through the garden, and discussing “what Roz has been up to”.

    And finally, here is a story about my little niece Eleanor, that will surely buck up your spirits:

    On my last trip to Wisconsin to visit her, Eleanor was instantly fascinated with the “Roz Tracker”. She squirmed off of my lap, and came running back moments later, with her large globe of the Earth in hand. She asked me to show her your actual location, and soon a very heated discussion ensued. We discussed distances, days at sea, oar strokes, winds and ocean currents, wildlife, health of the planet (reduce, reuse, recycle), etc.

    At some point, she stopped the conversation with “Hey, wait a minute… …where does Roz go when she’s done rowing? How does she get home, to sleep at night?”. I explained that the Brocade was home, and that until the voyage was completed, Roz couldn’t “leave” — and then I showed her a photo off your extremely cozy bunk. She contemplated this answer for awhile, and then her eyes got really wide and she screwed up her face as if she might burst into tears at any second, and answered “Woaaaaahhhh…..Roz, is sooooo cool!” At which point our conversation was adjourned, and Eleanor ran off to the kitchen — to educate her mother on the finer points of ocean rowing, and beds with seat belts.

    One last tidbit: Eleanor (who will will be 4 years old on September 30th), is constantly singing the theme song “Glorious” (from one of your Atlantic rowing videos) — particularly, when she is taking her evening baths. My brother Dylan, even downloaded the sheet music to Glorious, and so with guitar in hand — the two of them put on quite the show.

    Well Roz, that’s it for now.

    Cece and I will be talking about you later today — as we harvest string beans and tomatoes. And naturally, I will be looking forward to tomorrow morning’s coffee, and your next blog update.

    As always, sending you love and grace.


  • Roz, how serendipitous that you should post on The Law of Attraction this week! Saturday evening I happened to see my FB friend Jess in the chat window, so we began chatting about your row. Without going into detail, she said something about The Secret at work. I said “huh” … and that started a very long chat about the law of attraction and “The Secret of the Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer …

    For the past several years, I thought it was serendipity at work in my life, but now that I better understand the law of intention, I believe that it is simply a matter putting one’s self in the right place and the right time will eventually happen … and once one “coincidence” happens it begins to escalate with more and more frequent “coincidents.”

    A novice, I hope others will tell more. I have ordered Dr. Dwyer’s DVD and will now add Esther and Jerry Hicks’ book after a quick browse on amazon. It seems that I am surrounded by sensei … every day something new. Thank you Roz and thank you Jess.

  • Regarding LOA and the weather:

    I’ve been to several Abraham-Hicks seminars (and in the “hot seat” to ask questions at one)! Apparently every city they visit has good weather during the time they’re there. So you could say radiating good vibes makes everything more sunny!

    They were in the Pacific Northwest for the last part of July and Seattle & Portland had record breaking warm temperatures. Maybe too much good vibrations? Or it was the collective prayers of everyone in this area from our horribly cold and snowy Christmas holidays!

    On one of your voyages you should tackle Lynne McTaggert’s “The Field” or “Living The Field”. Consciousness effects outcome on a larger scale than we can imagine…

    If one woman rowing across the ocean has such a ripple effect of change across the globe (as you’ve done and are doing) then why not a ripple effect vibrationally (and meteorologically) as well?

  • Yes, better picture, likely a false killer whale and a toothed whale as well.
    Baleen is the means by which baleen whales feed. These whales do not have teeth, but instead have rows of baleen plates in the upper jaw – flat, flexible plates with frayed edges, arranged in two parallel rows, looking like combs of thick hair. Baleen is not bone, but is composed of keratin, the same substance as hair, horn, claws and nails. Whales use these combs for filter feeding. Whales are the only vertebrate group to use this method of feeding in great abundance and it has allowed them to grow to immense sizes. The blue whale, the largest animal alive and probably the largest animal to ever have lived, is a baleen whale.

  • Marcus, I was typing as you were posting. On the bus to work, I am just now reading yours and wanted so tell you I really enjoyed hearing about Eleanor’s “ah-ha” moment. Thanks from another Roz-riveted Rozling. Having just arrived at work, I see Joan and Walt have posted in the mean time. This is an amazing community!

  • The Law of Attraction. The realization that it exists and how to use it arrives at the precise moment when you need it, Doug. And you are reminded of it when you need it most, Roz. ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES. I intend for everyone to have a beautiful day, on land and at sea.


  • I would say that I agree with you. The more you pay attention to something, the more of it you see.

    It looks like a pilot whale to me. Maybe is there is an expert somewhere that might be willing to identify it for you. Try to focus on receiving an email from an expert. Hey, maybe you will see a beaked whale! They are supposedly very rare and very mysterious. But they are very funny looking, almost like a giant dolphin.

    May the force be with you.

  • It looks like a False Killer Whale to me. They are relatively smaller in size than Orca’s…but more in size of a very large dolphin.

    Here is a description from Wikipedia:

    The False Killer Whale (Pseudorca crassidens) is a cetacean and one of the larger members of the oceanic dolphin family (Delphinidae). It lives in temperate and tropical waters throughout the world. As its name implies, the False Killer Whale shares characteristics with the more widely known Orca (“killer whale”). The two species look somewhat similar and, like the orca, the False Killer Whale attacks and kills other cetaceans. However, the two dolphin species are not closely related.

    The False Killer Whale has not been extensively studied in the wild by scientists; much of the data about the dolphin has been derived by examining stranded animals.

    Looks like you may have had a rare sighting as these are declining in population over the last few decades.

    Regardless of what is was…it must have been a real thrill to have them come so close to the boat!

    Godspeed and safe travels!

  • Checking in just before bedtime, EDT, and you seem to really be going gangbusters today. When will you feel you’re officially out of the ITCZ? (remember, there’s that “buy Roz a virtual drink” party we were planning)

  • Hi Roz,

    I tweeted update of your progress a few minutes ago…WRONG! Thought you were about a day from 2.5N…looking closer at the RT, I see you’ll be there by the time you stop to post your blog.

    Q: It looks very hot there…lo temp of 80, hi almost 90…with your active lifestyle there, how much water do you have to drink each day?…keeping track of that?

    Rozta’ Bill

  • …and note to friend Markus Bennett:
    Very sharp cookie you’ve got in that niece, Eleanor. Great story, thanks for sharing that….I’ll bet it will bring a chuckle to Roz.

  • Roz, the international space station will be going overhead your location August 7th and 9th with two high passes for your viewing pleasure. August 7th @ 05.18am (your timezone based on present position)approaching from SSW about 11 degrees above the horizon,going up to 43 degrees before moving off to the east disapearing from your view at about 39 degrees above your eastern horizon. wake up early and check it out….quite a view you will see..looks like a bright fast moving star

  • Second opportunity for the ISS sighting on August 9th starts at 04.34am coming directly out of the south about 32degrees above the horizon then going as high as 51 degrees before departing to your ENE horizon which you will loose about the 30 degrees. Best times for viewing the space station is always just before sunrise or just after sunset at your location. Keep your eyes open !!!

  • Of course everything I am about to say, you already know … but a new kind of excitement is starting to build. Checking your progress today — actually since yesterday morning — you seem to have left the Arabic script behind. Hopefully it is history. You seem to be cruising on a beeline of 205 degrees. And it looks like in a short 100 miles you will be spitting distance from Howland Island … Give Howland a wide berth so you don’t run aground … “look but don’t touch” as they say in the china shop … no bull! … please pardon the pun.

    What is your plan for Howland? Steer close so you can see it as you pass by, or steer very wide?

  • Hey Roz,

    Anna and I often wonder about where you are and what you’re doing at any random moment of the day. Last week we were in the desert and wondered “Where’s Roz?” Looking at your map we see you’re either closer to Tarawa or Tuvalu. I assume Tuvalu is more realistically on your horizon. How are things holding up? Your emails are in good spirits. We think of you often. Even last night, I told the story of our meeting to 200 kids at a summer camp on Catalina Island. They were amazed, and hopefully you’ll get more web traffic from some of them. As you know, Anna and I are done with our bike ride and are planning for our Atlantic Gyre crossing in January. But in October, on the 17th, if you’re in Los Angeles, we would like to invite you to our wedding. We would be so honored to see you again. Please take care of yourself. We miss you. Marcus and Anna.

  • I teach a course about Digital Photography (Pro Bono) and was able to use your site when my over 50’s students said “Why would ANYBODY want to waste time blogging”. I said just look at Roz’s blog it’s like walking beside a famous explorer without the pain! Go Roz! JimBell (Australia)

  • Dear Roz,
    I have been following your blogs now over a month. Have been a silent reader and haven’t commented until now. It is amazing to that as a person you are pursuing what you believe in.

    I still remember one of the Rozlings had commented that “Most of us are afraid to leave our security, be it physical, material or mental. We hold on to things, possessions as well as ideas and thoughts, that we know to be disruptive and often destructive, and yet they’re familiar and so we cling to what we know, what we’ve done.” This is so very true and I cannot agree more with her. I only want you to know that you have a Rozling sitting in India alongwith many others across the world praying for your safety and success in your mission.

    Rozling Tina

    PS:- I have tried to incorporate more ways in which I can make the change for a better and greener tomorrow.

  • Thursday morning, sunrise, cappuccino and porridge in hand, no post … ahh, there is a tweet!

    Roz, looks like you pulled a nearly-all-nighter … I can only assume the conditions and full moon were attractive. Do you suppose all the talk and thought yesterday about attraction and intention, and the good vibes and wishes for small waves, low winds and calm currents made a difference?

    For the early birds …
    Day 74 – Sense and Silliness (via @rozsavage)
    Roz posted while TeamRoz slept at 1:24 AM HST just 2 hours ago!

  • Hey Roz! Great to hear you have are getting some good information on The Law of Attraction. I have not heard of anything about weather and law of attraction specifically. However I understand that when dealing with the “forces of nature”, it can be a great experiment to address the weather as you would a guest in your home…asking “whatever you would like to do today is my pleasure…I am at your service”. (I know…sounds far out and wacko…but when climbing high mountains as I have….I can tell you it seems to work!!) Try it! All my best to you out there Roz. Keep the heart light, the arms strong and the eyes bright! Cheers!

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