Patchy sunburn horror: brown arm, white hand.

3 Feb, 06 – 20:38

The good news – I’ve lost about a stone without dieting
The bad news – I put on a stone and a half before the race in eager anticipation of dramatic weight loss

The good news – best all-over suntan of my life
The bad news – …. apart from forehead (hat), hands (rowing gloves), feet (trainers), and bum/backs of legs (always sitting down)

The good news – bracing, pollution- free sea air bringing glow to the cheeks
The bad news – salt water bringing spots to the bum-cheeks

The good news – sunshine and water make them grow faster
The bad news – they then fall off your fingers

The good news – an opportunity to recover from over-washing (twice in 2 months so far)
The bad news – I daren’t even look. Why do you think I’m always wearing a hat?!

So, girls, if it’s good looks you’re after, forget about rowing an ocean. Take your £15,000 race entry fee and spend it at Champney’s instead.

Other stuff:

Tiny – I think I may be caught in the grip of that eddy. Two days ago the boat suddenly seemed to double in weight, so much so that I hopped overboard to check I didn’t have anything caught on the rudder… like a submarine. How much longer can I expect this to last?

Texts: thanks to Jeff (your franglais is terrible!), whanna, Nathan (do you want me to try and talk you out of it?!), Natalie, John T (where ARE you going in April?), Sinead (thanks for getting the lottery ticket – can I leave it to you to check the results for me?), Alasdair, HSS, DB (don’t get and don’t want news, thanks, and yes – will be giving talks/lectures in UK – book early to avoid disappointment!), Tim (enjoy your drink with Tiny), Lizann, Guy.

For GPS position, race position and miles from La Gomera, see

Wind: E, about 10 knots (estimate)
Weather: sunshine and clouds
Sea state: moderate
Hours rowing: 12

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