Zillion TV has generously come on board to sponsor my sea anchor – one of the most important devices on board the Brocade, both as a safety device to stabilize the boat in rough conditions, and as a navigation aid to mitigate backwards drift.

About ZillionTV

ZillionTV is a next-generation television service that empowers viewers to enjoy their entertainment when and how they want it.

Together with our partners, we’ve created the world’s largest content platform. ZillionTV viewers around the world will experience a revolutionary new way of enjoying their favorite entertainment, from new release movies, current hits and favorite classics to popular television series.

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Peter Redford, ZillionTV founder noted, “ZillionTV empowers consumers by offering them new and exciting ways to participate and interact with their television, when and how they want it. ZillionTV’s wealth of content and unique business model will revolutionize the entertainment experience for both consumers and the global content community alike. ZillionTV is a proud supporter and sponsor of Roz Savage’s voyage to save our oceans. We celebrate Roz’s passion, expertise and drive on her monumental journey”.

ZillionTV is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with offices in Santa Monica, California. For more information, visit www.zilliontv.tv

Other stuff:

Position at 2130 25th July Pacific Time, 0430 26th July UTC: 24 17.359’N, 136 35.447’W.

Progress still slow – today I checked out the barnacle situation to see if that was the cause. There is a line of gooseneck barnacles just along the waterline – I scraped off all I could reach from the cockpit, it being way too rough to go overboard – but the antifoul is doing its job and the hull is still completely clean from the waterline down. So still no explanation for the decreased rate of progress, as I’m putting in just as many hours at the oars. I’ll just keep ploddin’ along, and hope to row my way out of trouble.

The weather has been in a very fickle mood today. Rain, sun, high winds, no wind – it’s been hard to keep up. I don’t have a large range of garments on board, and I’ve been through just about my entire ocean wardrobe today – windjacket, waterproof, t-shirt, nothing..

I had a pretty amazing dream last night. I don’t usually read too much into dreams, but this one was special.. But I don’t want to sell it cheap, so I’ll save it and tell you about it tomorrow. Teaser!

Thanks for all the messages – and thanks EVEN MORE to the people who are spreading the word among their friends, families and colleagues and getting them to check out the blog and/or podcasts as well. It all helps to spread the environmental message and save the oceans! Always remember: IF WE PULL TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

Chris Martin – sorry to confess this, but I don’t know how to play Mornington Crescent. Give me a clue!

Tom Johnson – wow, sounds like a great trip! A real life Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance! Wish I could come too!

Thanks also to Geri, Carol Mone and Jacob (best wishes in your new home!! – and yes, I’d love to be involved in a party when I get back!), Mike Milzz, Nevada Bev (do you know how I would contact Joan Ocean – is that her real name?!), Ed (yes, I’m hoping to get back in touch with Steve Roberts when I get back to dry land), Greg, Brayden, Dylan Also to Sarah, Bill, Jack and Grace. And to Noelle – and her friend Xenia at Brocade. I didn’t actually meet Xenia – but there were 900 delegates when I spoke at the sales conference! Sindy, John, Cheryl, Karyn, Tod ,Carol, and all the regulars.

And a special hello to Sarah Outen, aka Outey, preparing to row across the Indian Ocean. Can’t wait to see your boat when I get back! I’ll be in the UK in November and would love to come to your and Alex’s talk at St Hugh’s – what date is it? And yes, up for the documentary, too. And of course you can borrow the oars. Be my guest!

And thanks to Allan for his Google Earth script (not sure if someone else had already done something similar?) – see http://allanville.com/rozrows/map.kml.php (should automatically open in Google Earth, otherwise add this as a network link in GE) It is live updated, you can when I was at each position, and if you play the timeline in Google Earth you can apparently get a pretty good impression of how the progress been.

Click here to view Day 62 of the Atlantic Crossing 31 january 2006: Of James Cracknell’s Bottom and Others.

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