I wonder what it’s like to surf a wave from the inside? This thought
occurred to me today, as I spotted quite a few large fish silhouetted
inside waves as the swells rose and broke around my boat. It must be
really quite beautiful inside a wave, white and frothy at the peak, with
a band of crystal aqua blue….

Blimey. I was just typing this when my sleeping cabin was clobbered by
the most almighty juggernaut of a wave. There is now that strange hush
that descends immediately after the ocean has struck. No sound of wind
or waves. Just the sound of water dripping off the surfaces of my boat,
and a gentle sloshing as my boat rocks in the aftermath. It takes a
couple of moments of silence before the usual sounds come back, as if
the ocean is slightly abashed at having assaulted me so rudely.

…. anyway, as I was saying, waves are jolly pretty when they’re not
busy bashing you over the head.

As well as relating to fish, I’ve also started imagining myself as one
of the storm petrels that entertain me every day, skimming low over the
waves towards my boat, then soaring up, right on the edge of control.
They have moments when they look as if they might have pushed their luck
too far – turning on a wingtip, I wonder if they’re going to flip over
onto their backs and stall in mid-flight. But they never do. They always
recover, flatten out, and zoom down the wind with skill, grace, and
sheer joie de vivre.

I don’t know if I believe in reincarnation, but if it exists, I wouldn’t
mind coming back as a storm petrel.

Definitely better than a booby, June 2009

Other Stuff:

I wasn’t sure if I was going overboard (so to speak) with my
philosophical musings. I haven’t received any negative comments, but
wondered if I was spending just a bit too much time on my soapbox. I
might confine my commentary on the state of the world to “Philosophical
Fridays” so that those who prefer to hear about other things know when
it’s safe to venture onto my blog. Although occasionally I may break my
own rule….

I am also hoping to have a few guest bloggers drop in from time to time.
I’ve got a list of unwitting victims, I mean, contributors, and will be
inviting them to write a few words to give you a break from me, and to
offer a new perspective.

Joan – your comment on Mum’s broken leg had me laughing out loud! Not
that it’s a laughing matter, of course, but the image of Mum tearing
around a soccer field had me in stitches!

Thanks to Pamela and Jim for the assorted good news on plastic bags.
Great to hear the word is spreading – from LA to Thailand!

Bruce – I have absolute belief that the world will survive, and recover.
In places where marine protected areas have been established, it has
mostly been impressive how quickly the marine life returns (with the
exception being some fish stocks, which have not recovered). It would
just be quite nice if we were around to see the recovery, rather than us
having to become extinct before it can take place.

Kenny B – I’m sure your motor home is a LOT more salubrious than the
Purple Palace! This has started to feel less like camping, and more like
vagrancy, with mould, damp, and trashed equipment galore. And yes, strip
mining is brutal. Have you seen what is happening with the tar sands in
Canada? We have trodden so very heavily upon this Earth.

Thanks, Alex, for the quote by Dee Hock from Birth of the Charodic Age.
Very inspiring, so I am going to share it again here: “It is far too
late and things are far too bad for pessimism. In times such as these,
it is no failure to fall short of realizing all we might dream – the
failure is to fall short of dreaming all that we might realize. We must

I also appreciated the quote from Bill Savage, which he attributed to
Pasty H Sampson, but I think the name might be Patsy? ūüėČ
“Human successes, like human failures, are composed of one action at a
time, and achieved by one person at a time.”

One oarstroke at a time….

Photo: freedom of the open skies – a storm petrel

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  • Roz, I for one will not tire of your philosophical musings. As you said the other day, you are perhaps the most remote person on earth, and you have arrived there on your own steam. You have (and are taking!) the opportunity to explore the meaning of life from this perspective. Most of us will never ever do what you’re doing, or experience what you are experiencing. Sharing your feelings about this is actually a gift to all of us. It is another demonstration of your courage.

    • Christine (echoing Jullianhapel) I echo you, and hate to post for fear of detracting from what you so eloquently wrote. But now is an opportunity to underscore Roz’s reply to Kenny B about strip mining and tar sand excavation: please read what Bill McKibben wrote a few days ago at¬†http://bit.ly/GameOverTar¬†

  • Morning Roz,

    Yes yes yes please continue to share your inner self. Your
    soft ability to rope together the rainbows, storms, creatures, dreams and your
    evolving spirit, into words.  A
    beautiful gift to yourself and your readers. It allows the world to get to know
    who you are. What you give each reader is connection. The very type, we each
    form with our best friends. Miles between the face to face is the only
    difference. I believe words are an important part of human / planet connection.  This is one of my favorite daily thoughts:

    “ Love was not put in the heart to stay, love is not love
    till you give it away‚ÄĚ.

    Taking action- after the words are spoken! This is the
    difference between thinkers and doers. Each time you express to us Roz. I for
    one continue to learn a little more about myself. 

    Keep word-smithing alive,

    Keep sunscreen applied,

    This part time spell checker is heading outside.

     Speedy recovery Rita.   Roz, what is your sister up to? How can we keep up with her good
    works?¬† Smile on ‚Äď wave cutter.

    • Thank you B Savage for your comments. Tanya, my younger daughter enjoys hiking, camping and rock climbing. She still works to earn her living and her hard-won free time to enjoy the above. Last year she did do 1000 miles in Europe, sponsored for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She was raising money for Shelterbox – in case you have not heard of it, they provide very basic needs for victims of earthquake, famine etc. From water filters to¬†¬†coloured pencils and paper for children.¬†
      Have you seen the film “The Way”? An American walks on that pilgrimage in Spain. A good film.

      • Very big heart felt thanks Rita. I was not aware of the film ( I look forward to it) or shelterbox. I will make friends aware of both. Do what I can to further their good works.¬† Tanya is living her own full and rewarding life! Wow , living life forward and helping others on the journey. I fully appreciate your family’s actions and attitude . Heal up soon.

  • http://youtu.be/BWVnZAJaq4QThis is link that I had posted on Roz’s facebook site before her first launch from Perth. It is one of her favorite musicians’ (Jack Johnson) music¬†video. He has created others including being a staunch supporter of Plastic Bag Coalition to diminish and stop the spread of single use disposable plastic.

    This is what it kinda feels like to surf waves under the surface.

    Feel good, save the planet, happiness happens.
    Row Roz Row

  • The big problem is deciding on who the “We” is in discussions about the environment and who is expected to make decisions. If we “The Western Industrialized Countries” decide to enforce specific policies on the entire world’s populartion two obvious questions arise: How are the policies to be enforced and what is to be done about people(s) who refuse to comply?

    Many people; possibly the majority of the Word’s population; are more or less unaware of the problem and, not unnaturally, consider their immediate needs of paramount importance.

  • Oh Roz, it’s your soap box- and a purple one at that. As far as I’m concerned you can dribble on about anything. And if you can’t muse about philosophy rowing across an ocean, what will you talk about? Seinfeld episodes?

    Go on,

  • Please do not stop your philosophical musings!…I look forward to them each day. Not only are your words thought provoking, you also have a fabulous ability to describe your daily situation in such a wonderful way that¬†I¬†feel I am right there¬† with you! (I would not last 30 seconds before panic required me to jump ship!)
    You are an inspiration …
    regards David Church

  • Little Missy, if you stop your philosophical musings, I will personally swim out there and…well…I don’t know. Just don’t stop so we both don’t have to find out. OK?¬†-Bruce

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