I feel that I am really being encouraged to do another blog on Roz’s website – after several flattering comments and requests. One request was for more on family history. So, just a little peek into Roz’s ancestry. Her maternal great-grandparents emigrated from Holland to South Africa in the second half of the 19th century. More ocean voyagers.
Roz and I seem to be accumulating another sort of family – all you chaps out there, living alongside of us through this voyage. Great to see names that I recognise coming up from time to time in emails, comments and donations. You do begin to feel like family.
Keeping up with Roz has taught me many new things. Somebody described me today as becoming quite “techy”. When Roz was on the Atlantic I was thrown in at the deep end, having to learn very quickly. One challenge was how to read the symbols on the weather charts on the internet. If I said that the wind was a North Easterley it was for some strange reason called a South Westerley. If only we had known Rick Shema then.
When Roz was hit by a freak wave and the boat rolled, she sent an urgent message asking me to write a blog for her and upload it. When the panic subsided I dug out her notes and had a go. Quite exciting to see it actually appear on the internet. Since then technology and communications have advanced and Roz is trying to drag me along into further unknown waters. Still occasional moments of panic as I get to grips with Youtube, videoblogs, Facebook and the rest of those weird and wonderful things that Roz uses.
I am not complaining. I enjoy the challenge, and only too pleased to be able to support Roz in any way that I can. I am beginning to wonder what I will do with my time when she is not on the ocean. And I will miss reading all the messages that you lovely folk send. Rita Savage.

Position at 2115, 24th July PST, 0415 25th July UTC: 24 20.075’N, 136

Click here to view Day 61 of the Atlantic Crossing 30 January 2006: Of Toasted Mars Bar Sandwiches and Sporting Glories.

(Picture: The sort of weather chart that I struggled to interpret.)

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