I am writing this blog on May 7, three months before it will appear on my site. I have no idea what will be happening by the time you read this. Hopefully I will still be alive, and will be well on my way to Hawaii. But who knows?

Regardless of what has happened in the meantime, the thought remains valid. I am trying to explain why I go to sea – challenging though I find it.

Picture your world.

Now take away your job.

Take away your home.

Take away your car.

Take away TV.

Take away advertising.

Take away the phone.

Take away your family.

Take away your friends.

Take away the land beneath your feet.

What do you have left?

What do I have left?

I have:

The sun and the moon.

The sea and the sky.

My little silver boat.

Enough food to eat, and enough water to drink.

And my body, mind and spirit.

That is all. What I need to survive, and nothing more.

Perfect purity.

That is why I am here.

Latest position (0415 9th July UTC): 27 13.593′ N, 128 38.332′ W.

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