Not a Drying Day

Last night I had a beautiful dream. I was in my rowboat, and it was being borne along by a multitude of whales. They were huge, gentle presences, all around me. I looked down into the water beside my boat, and could see the dark, slick skin of their backs skimming along just below the surface.

When I looked to the side, there were so many of them, it was as if the water was made up entirely of whales, forming the shapes of the waves with their bodies. I watched in wonder, enjoying their calm company.

So this morning when I woke up, I hopped up on deck hoping to see that my dream had come true. But, alas, no. Lots of rough water with whitecaps, but not a whale in sight. Not even a little one.

Looks like I’ll just have to row.

Other Stuff:

When I say I “hopped” up on deck, I lie. In these kind of conditions that would be most imprudent. I poke my nose out like a mouse from its hole, whiskers twitching for signs of danger. When the coast seems clear, I launch myself out of the hatch and slam it closed behind me, before a wave can crash inside and soak everything. Apart from condensation, my cabin is still relatively dry, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Having said that, the Purple Palace is starting to feel distinctly dank. I would love a nice sunny, calm day soon so I can do some laundry. Some domestic cleaning would be very good for morale.

Thank you to the people who have been offering advice on my recently-deceased GPS chartplotter. But please don’t worry. I would be hung, drawn and quartered and forced to resign my fellowship of the Explorers Club if I set out to sea with only one GPS – or any other piece of essential equipment. I have at least 4 other GPS devices on board. They don’t have charts included, but I have paper charts as backup. And there really aren’t any features out here that would appear on charts anyway – just lots of water!

Betsy Rosenberg – thanks for mentioning my work on your show, and keep steeping that Green Tea Party. We all know how good green tea is for us!

Quote for the day: “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” (Socrates)

Photo: Today’s weather – most definitely not a drying day.

Sponsored Miles: Thank you Nancy Bowman, Courtney Elwood, Deed Knerr, Mary Kadzielski, Carl Jones.


  • Love that Cloud photo! Always knew that you had back-ups to back-ups for all of your essential equipment AND chores boost “morale”…

    The Whale dream is not so far off… A recent story has been all over the news… A large, female Humpback Whale was tangled in almost 500 feet of fishing net, floats and the like – the netting was across both eyes, in her mouth, around her fins, and the like… She could not swim well, open her mouth or dive – and was therefore drowning and over-heating at the same time. 5 divers went into the water and began cutting the netting away… But they had no idea as to how to get the netting away from her eyes, and out of her mouth – without hurting her, which might result in them being hurt too… One of the divers worked one of his hands through the netting and cupped it under one of her eyes. (That was VERY dangerous in that he was then tangled in the netting too – if she had dived suddenly, he was dead, and apparently he knew that, “But there was no choice!”) That eye rotated and focused on that hand – and the knife – as the diver cut the net away from that eye. He then repeated the process on the other eye – and she did the same thing – holding very still in the process… As the divers pulled the last of the netting away, she swam off a bit, breached once in glee, then came back and gently nudged/kissed each of the divers who saved her with her huge head – a whale of a goodbye kiss… She swam off into the Pacific, and the divers said they would never be the same.

    • Ooops, “…Always knew that you had back-ups to back-ups for all of your essential equipment AND chores TO boost “morale”…”

  • Roz, Liked your Socrates quote, “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” Socrates… Thought you might like this Kurt Vonnegut one…

    “To be is to do” – Socrates

    “To do is to be” – Sartre

    “Do Be Do Be Do” – Sinatra

  • Hey All: Thought I should post a quick note after responding to a post from @Aimee:disqus yesterday… As I just said to her, “I work with Richard from time to time (I write these from our office
    when we have a break in the rat race) – and he introduced me to this
    Blog… …BTW, Not sure why Richard is not
    participating here anymore? The movie on his life is beginning to roll –
    no pun intended, He is in the midst of bidding at lots of auctions for
    his clients, and Our “Bucket List” Non-profit Green/Renewable Energy
    Environmental Project is moving forward very quickly now… But he loved
    being here when We had a break in all the rest… Now he just says, “I
    don’t have time now.” whenever I ask him about it… Oh well, He does
    have a lot on his plate that he wants to get done.)” Actually typing this again, I guess I DO understand why he does not have time for this at the moment – I have never known anyone who gets as much done in a day as he does… As an example, He always jokes, “I didn’t have anything better to do in the coma, those 28 days, So I organized the business plan for TFWP..” I think this sense of humor – and the fact that he literally did organize TFWP while in the coma – is what has drawn so much interest in it from the likes of Farm Aid, Habitat For Humanity, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, and others, as he discussed it with all of them his first week home from the hospital…

  • In Chiangmai, Thailand after traveling for about 24 hours. Internet using a local SIM and the EDGE network. Slow but cheap. Always worth getting a local sim. $60 Australian for 10mb !! Roaming.
    Whales are a fantastic site on the water. They are at home and we are very much just visiting. Rrr Roz keep rowing. PS I did wave as we flew over 🙂 Jim Bell (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

  • Roz, the image of you poking your head out of your cabin like a mouse trying to decide whether now is a good time to dart across the kitchen floor is priceless.  I’m glad to see you are maintaining a good sense of humor despite the damp weather! 

  • Hi Roz~What a wonderful site! The universe smiled during my browsing for a web journal. To have found a strong, brave, articulate woman with such a zest for life is a treat! Your thoughts, pictures and spirit are becoming an anticipated part of my day. I look forward to following! 

  • Roz, cherish your whale dream. It was a gift for you from the whales telling you they know of you, love you and are protecting you in ways you know not of. This is one of those “holy dreams,” you will ever after remember. When you poked your head out, there were no “real” whales because they are with you in spirit.

  • Perhaps the whales came during the night, and their presence made you dream of them.  There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio…  A shame they could not stay or do something about the weather.  There are some things even beyond Leviathans…

    Row well!

    • From an email sent to Roz: Nancy Wentworth asked “Where did this happen?” – Referring to the whale story that Katy shared that got so many “Like” responses… It was in S. California – near San Diego…  

  • Roz, I am sure you have read this before: “The sea is everything…an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides.” Jules Verne   Someday, I would like to hear your personal interpretation, at a presentation…perhaps in Hong Kong, again.

  • Hey Rozlings, did you read Ron’s comment about Wednesday’s full moon eclipse yesterday?

    Let’s all virtually hop aboard Senda Solo with Roz and watch the red moon eclipse, or at least the full moon at the most convenient time in our local time zone. Give Roz some company and watch the moon Wednesday night.  Tell her what you see here on her blog.

    The precise time of the eclipse is 2013 GMT (8:13 PM London)

    Hopefully, Roz will set her alarm for about 3AM and row under the red moon for a while … 

    The time schedule in GMT time is at

      • Brad in Scappoose,
        Thanks for posting the chart.  Am so immersed in socio/political issues at the mo; have little time to scan blogs.  But rarely miss Roz’s postings for more than a day or two.  They keep me so energized.


  • I read somewhere that our dreams are a reflection of our vibrations from thoughts and emotions held during the day. It is said it is not what you dream that is important but how you feel in your dream that is important.. Those emotions can be used as a guide as to what you are universally attracting to yourself. In as stating as much this dream sounds pretty postive to me. 🙂

  • The Socrates quote “Beware the barrenness of a busy life” was quite thought-provoking to me. I suspect many times we think that doing and experiencing things will make for an enriched life, when all too often we become slaves to our busyness and we no longer have time to think about, reflect on & experience the very things we thought would bring a richness to our lives. This brings to mind one word: balance. 

  • Your Dream was lovely, a gift for sure and I really had a laugh at your description of emerging from your cabin… I recently posted a blog featuring YOU!!!
    Nevie made a little video with footage of our trip to Dallas and some of your media… it shows how amazing I think you are. 

    Thank you for your continued inspiration. We are sending you much love and cheering you on from Austin, Texas.

    • Rochelle, let’s bring Roz to Austin.  I understand there are many Rozlings keeping Austin weird.  I have a connection to the former mayor who might like to lend a hand.  Got friends, let’s start organizing.

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