Dictated by Roz at 21.34 on 25th May and transcribed by her mother Rita Savage

Position: -07.82018   151.47119

A real treat today, I washed my hair for the first time in five weeks. Bliss!

It took about 20 minutes to brush out all the tangles, but then it wasn’t much of a hassle at all to wash it. In the past I have knelt on deck leaning forward over the bucket which was very uncomfortable on the knees and shins. Now I found a better approach. I kept the watermaker running into a bucket and used a jug to pour the water over my head. I shampooed, rinsed, conditioned and gave a final rinse and thankfully the watermaker production kept pace with the proceedings.

It really didn’t take too long and it felt just wonderful to have clean hair. I might even make a habit of it.

Generally, when I am at sea, my standards of personal hygiene are pretty good. I bathe at least once a day, brush my teeth, floss etc. but these things are all necessary for health  – which is necessary for rowing. Dirty hair doesn’t make much difference one way or the other and washing it is time- and water-consuming, so it tends to get shoved under a hat and ignored.

I really appreciate the change from land-living. It is so nice to have a break from thinking about what I look like, or what to wear. Out here my body is just a rowing machine and its ability to perform that function is all that matters. I have a tiny mirror somewhere on board but I hardly ever use it.

I don’t think I am excessively self-conscious while I’m on dry land, but it has just recently struck me how much I try to second-guess what other people think of me, based on my appearance. Is my outfit appropriate? Will they notice my hair needs cutting? Am I shorter/fatter/older than they expect me to be? It’s not so much that I judge myself but that I expect others to judge me, based on my looks and I see myself through their eyes.

I doubt that I am alone in this. Our society generally makes superficial evaluation based on appearance, and it is hard to rise above that.

So it is a really welcome change to be in a place and a situation where there is nobody to see me, nobody to judge, where that insecure little voice in my head finally shuts up and lets me just get on with being me, no matter what I look like.

Other Stuff: I got a warning SMS from Lee my weather man to alert me to certain east-flowing currents. If I am not careful and get caught in them, I could end up doing another lap of the Solomon Sea which would be distinctly embarrassing .

I finished listening to Dies the Fire by S M Stirling. Very good. A thought-provoking story of what might happen if all of our technology stopped working: no communication, no computers, no motorized transport, no food deliveries – made me want to retire ASAP to a small-holding to grow my own food. Maybe one day.

Another solid forty mile day today despite time out for hair-washing. As of tonight I have 473 nautical miles to go to Madang.

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  • Bah, I decided long ago that if people want to judge me based on my physical appearance, and they don’t like what they see, that’s entirely their problem and not mine. On the same accord, I don’t judge people based on the way they look. I’ve met too many kind, gentle, well-mannered, soft-spoken, intelligent, long-haired, 300-pound guys, covered in tattoos and wearing leather biker jackets to pass judgment before I meet a someone. I’ve also met some pretty mean-spirited, 110 pound, beautiful, blond, young women. In fact, I married one once. Ugh… We all make mistakes! (grin)

  • Roz,

    I’m glad to see the totally upbeat attitude evidenced in the last few blog posts. Sounds like you are gleaning a lot of positive energy out of this trip. That will be a beneficial thing when you get back and try to pull together both the ecohero’s program and your foundation fundraising activities. Both seem to be going well but will surely take off when you are again able to put your own positive energy into them.

    It seems to me that vanity is one of the most environmentally destructive traits of humankind. How much energy do we spend running around tending to our “looks” or picking up products we need to look or smell the way we think we should? What is the environmental impact of all those products we buy? Will we ever outgrow these needs?

    The real problem with this bias is that until you have established a reputation you need to create a good “first impression’ in order to get people to listen to you. Luckily you, Ms. Roz, are far beyond the stage where you need to look good, not that you don’t, to be heard. Many people are listening to you and the number is growing daily.

  • Well, maybe there are some good uses of plastic after all. What else on or in the boat is plastic (well besides those things)?

  • On the map, it looks as if you are about to thread a needle to get between New Britian and PNG. How difficult will this be? How are the currents and winds there? Have you thought of landing at Lae? Good Luck

  • Thank you Margaret for your concern. Four-way consultation is taking place to ensure Roz a safe passage through the narrow straits. On her approach to Hawaii we had to make similar plans as she negotiated the Molokai Channel, and got her safely through.

  • Hey everybody, Roz is heading to the finish line and will get to Madang in a week or two, depending on the wind and currents. What say, we give her a virtual party around the world when she arrives in Madang.

    Think about how we can connect with others in our far flung cities and towns … and bend an elbow with the local media, get some photos and an interview or two in your local newspaper. Then send them to Rita so she can post the links on Roz’s blog, Facebook and Twitter.

    We can trust Rita to keep a secret, so Roz will never know what we are scheming (maybe it’s a good thing she can’t hear what we are saying. Rita, can we trust you not to tell?

    I will start off by asking Rozlings in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento area (California) to post a comment here on her blog. Rita, will you capture the email addresses and send them to me? By virtue of this comment and every other comment I have made you know my email address … right Rita? wink wink nudge nudge.

    Other Rozlings who step up for their city or town — like Richard and Amy in Austin or Amy in Asheville — can do the same. Get a list of local Rozlings and find a place to meet. Invite your local journalist … the environmental or sports desk … ask the receptions who answers when you call the newspaper.

    This will be the biggest ocean rowing party heard ’round the world. My current guess is she will be in Madang in 10 days … that would be the weekend after the one coming up. Perfect Saturday night or Sunday night meet up.

    Happy rounding up Rozlings!

  • Doug, a really great idea – but Roz thought of it first! I know that she had had conversation with her PR man in the UK about this, as she was asking me about it during this last week. I think I need to contact Alan and see if anything is proposed, or whether you should go ahead as planned.
    Watch this space for further information! Thank you all for your interest and concern for Roz. Rita.

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