Dictated by Roz at 21.17 on 14th May, and transcribed by her mother, Rita Savage.

Position: -05.19215S, 154.35426

Hawaii 2008: Outrigger Canoe Meeting Roz

Today was eventful. Mostly in ways that made me wish for boring.
It got off to an early start about 4am when I checked my GPS. I was happy with my nice west/southwesterley course that got me safely past Cape Henpan but during the last few hours the currents had changed and now the Cape and I were on a collision course. Some emergency rowing was called for, but as I went into the darkness of the new moon night to try and avoid shipwreck, it was not a very mellow start to the day.

It didn’t get much better. By lunchtime I had managed to break off an arm of my one and only pair of sunglasses and my watermaker ground to a halt for no apparent reason and refused to restart. I have no idea what the problem is. Battery? Motor? But I didn’t have time to investigate. I was still rowing strenuously west to try and avoid dry land.

As the current dragged me closer I could see cliffs, dense trees and white sandy beaches. It all looked very nice but most definitely not where I wanted to be. I was probably a mile or two off shore when three fishermen came out to say hello or, to be more accurate, so say whatever hello is in their language as they didn’t speak any English. They were paddling dugout canoes with outriggers with large carved wooden paddles.

The first guy to approach was a big fan of the betel nut, judging from the colour of his teeth. He wore a faded red Digitel t-shirt and a baseball cap with USA embroidered across the front. In his canoe he had a spool of fishing line, a collection of coral he used as weights and a small backpack. He next man to arrive had dreadlocks and a pair of sunglasses on his forehead. He was stripped to the waist. The third kept a more cautious distance.

I tried showing them on my charts where I had come from and where we are now, but I did not see any flash of recognition. Feeling the need to be hospitable I gave them each a Larabar which seemed to please them. Conversation was flagging a bit given our lack of a shared language so I unshipped my oars and departed, giving them a cheery wave. I have no idea what they made of me and my strange craft. But that was the best bit of my day.

Since then I have been trying make some headway west but with limited success. Looks like those happy days of cooperative currents are over. Lee the weathman sent me an SMS asking me to give him a call, and I know from the context that it is not going to be good news. Or it might be another of those “You can’t get there from here” kind of conversations. I will report back tomorrow.

Towards sunset I was feeling rather discouraged with life, when moral is low I try to do some boat maintenance. At least doing that gave me the feeling of being in control. I needed to beef up my ship lights now that I am going to be spending more time closer to land. I improvised all round white lights from the refractive plastic covering of a raillight fitted over an LED light from relics of an old video camera system. Not pretty but it works, and cheered me up before bedtime.
Oh please let tomorrow be a better day!

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  • Roz, I hope you cruise right past New Ireland and your course is straight along New Britain …

    You crossed 05°00’S as you rounded Cape Hanpan, so today I will scatter another bushel of carrot$ to get you down to 06°00’S and another couple of pecks of carrot$ to get you to what I guess will be your most southerly point at 06°30’S. So, look for a carrot$ every minute of the way.

    Forgive me … those carrot$ inspire a haiku:

    bushel and a peck
    sustain minute by minute
    energy carrot$

    Happy rowing ;-D

  • I don’t have an in with the carrot spirits like UncaDoug but I am conjuring up whatever I can to speed you on you way to a final landing on a selected shore. Keep up the good work and realize that we are all rowing with you. Knowing that should “buoy” your spirits.

  • Hello, Roz! Been dealing w/ some personal biz these last several weeks, and so have been AWOL from your adventure. 🙁 But all is well again, and I’m back in the loop. Just sent off a few “carrots” as UncaDoug would say, and I’m hoping your voyage continues well for you! I’ve got to go back and read your posts now … to get fully “caught up”!

    xx Naomi in NY

  • Hey Roz – I just received some goodies from your store and am getting ready to read your book tonight. I wonder what those fishermen are telling their families and friends right now…

    Here’s to things getting better!

    Michelle from Canada

  • Evening Rita and Roz,
    Your adventure grows from being a drop among an ocean of drops. Into being the bright light on a mirror. You are everywhere eyes can see. So life goes. You are living in real time, for a purpose greater than yourself. Thank you for doing so. You stepped from behind the cloud years ago. Privacy will be your vacation to yourself.
    Without the exact model # of Spectra water maker. Hard to be accurate.(rita) They , spectra’s web site),has a great pdf how to section on each model. Disconnect the power before checking for any loose wires (safety in an ocean of conductivity). If the wires and connectors are all tight, fresh water tank is empty, membrane is clean and the intake screen is clean. Might be a bad switch? The way to test a switch is to bypass it. If the switch has stab connectors, gently pull them both off and connect them. If not cut the insulation and make a jumper wire or cut both wires and wire nut them together. If the water maker starts up and works properly. You can manually connect and disconnect, each time, to make water for the rest of your voyage. It might not be pretty . But it can work.
    You have a wonderful spirit Roz. Keep that chin up and fill that face with a smile. You are playing well with nature and her rules. It is the humans that keep you guessing .
    Word for the day- aberrant- (AB-uh-runt): abandoning the correct; expected, or proper way of doing things; straying from the “right” or norm.
    #2= encomium-(income-ee-um): a formal (and often, a spoken) expression of extreme praise.
    I think housework is the reason most women go to the office. Heloise
    I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. Helen Keller
    Little deeds of kindness,
    Little words of love,
    Help to make earth happy,
    Like the heaven above. Julia Fletcher Carney
    Safe journey, happy sunrise, your good work shows.

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