Richard and Jan Uttley – bit different from the scruffy boatbuilder I thought I knew…

22 Dec, 05 – 19:37

Latitude: 25° 17′ N
Longitude: 24° 24′ W
Miles from La Gomera: see
Miles to Antigua: 2088
Miles in last 24 hours: 10

Just a quick dispatch tonight. I’ve got a deadline to meet, so rowing, eating and resting are currently taking priority.

Shame, because it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’d hoped to have time to chill out and treat myself (although treat myself to what I’m not quite sure – options somewhat limited), but now it looks as if I’ll be rowing, rowing, rowing. Time and tides (and winds) waiteth for no man (or woman).

I have to get as far south as possible before Christmas Eve. Ideally down to 24°N, but that would require me to cover 100 miles in 2 days so it seems a tall order.

The wind, which at the moment is behaving impeccably and blowing at 10kts from the northeast, is due to change to a southwest headwind on Saturday. So if we’re going to avoid the third consecutive Saturday night of Sid the sea anchor going out to party, I need to get a move on and skedaddle down to 24 North.

I’ve made decent progress today – not necessarily towards Antigua, but away from trouble. So if you were wondering why my track on the chart has suddenly taken a sharp left turn, now you know.

Other stuff:

Thanks to Anne Quemere for her message of support. Anne, at the moment it looks like your Atlantic solo female record is safe!

Thanks to Richard Uttley, boatbuilder and classical music afficionado, for the great photo of himself in dinner jacket for a night at the opera. You DO scrub up well! Glad you enjoyed Madam Butterfly.

Happy Birthday to Shaun (Billy) Bolster, you old scoundrel, and to Pete Goss.

And Happy Birthday to me… Did I mention it’s my birthday tomorrow? But don’t worry if the card isn’t in the post already – the delivery service out here sucks…

Wind: 10 kts from the northeast
Weather: wind and sun
Sea state: moderate
Hours rowing: 12

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