An ocean rowboat gives you a unique perspective. I am more IN the ocean than ON the ocean. Being inside my cabin is very much like being inside a wave (although marginally drier) – I am surrounded by the sounds of the ocean. And recently the ocean has been sounding mightily annoyed. I now understand why seas are said to “rage”.

When the wind is at its strongest, the water sounds as if it is vibrating, a rapid marine pulse, as if I am in the arteries of a person in the throes of an apoplectic fit. I can feel the tension and enormous kinetic energy of the waves.

Then when the waves splatter across the hatch, it is as if the sea is spitting in my face. It is just as well that I don’t believe the ocean has a soul, or I would find it very hard not to take this personally.

If the ocean did have a soul, she would have every right to be spitting mad. For so long we’ve abused her and exploited her, dumping trash in her either deliberately or inadvertently, hauling out millions of tons of fish without any consideration for the long-term survival of the fish populations, leaking oil and other toxins into her waters in the impossible belief that she can absorb this level of pollution indefinitely.

We are a world out of balance, and that applies to the oceans at least as much as to the land. Just because most of us don’t see the damage we are doing out here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Just because we don’t want to know about it doesn’t mean it can’t harm us.

Re-use, recycle, reduce. Choose fish from sustainable species. Buy organic produce. Believe that you can make a difference.

And that’s all I have to say about that. (For now.)

[Photo: my Zen Dog drinks mat – a gift from my dear friend Romy. Calms me down when I’ve been having a good rant!]

Other stuff:

The watermaker worked today. Yesterday it didn’t. The day before that it did. The day before that it didn’t. This is very trying on the nerves.

Conditions on deck are relatively pleasant today. Fewer crashing waves. Hoping this trend continues. I’ve got a couple of cuts on my butt from falling over during the rough conditions, but once they’re better I’m keen to get back on that rowing seat.

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