The ocean has been on its Sunday best behaviour today. No bashing, crashing and splashing. The clouds with legs marched past on the far distant horizon with gently rolling waves and a light breeze. This means I’ve had to work hard for every mile today, and my body is feeling tired, but it has made a very pleasant change to have life on board so comfortable.

Current Chart

I was pushing on today, trying to get out of this pesky south-flowing current and into a more helpful north-flowing one. I should be in it by now, but the GPS readings would suggest otherwise. I’ve had to take the latitude and longitude off the chart to conceal my position, but you get the general idea.

Currents can have a major impact on my direction and progress, yet they are invisible and fluctuate daily. It’s no different from normal human life, when we spend much of our time operating blindly in the midst of the ebb and flow of invisible energies that change constantly, able to sense when we are fighting the current but with not much idea when or if it is going to change direction and give us a helping hand. The currents I have to deal with are just slightly more literal.

Other Stuff:

Further to yesterday’s blog on “The Power of One”, here is a quote I found today, contributed a while ago by Dean, that seems relevant.

“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.” (Helen Keller)

Spiral Cloud

I’m continuing to do my bit of cloud-ology each day for the NASA S’COOL project. Twice a day I have an excuse to down oars, as I take observations and a photo of the clouds from beneath, as one of the NASA satellites records data from above. It makes a nice little break in the day, and hopefully contributes some useful data from a rather unusual location.

The prize for today’s prettiest cloud goes to this very attractive kind of corkscrew-effect cloud, with its own little mini-me alongside. Not quite sure how you’d categorise it – a cumulus with a cirrus on top? Doug – maybe you can offer a suggestion?

Sponsored Miles:

Nancy Reidy-Crofts, Michael Dickman, Ugo Pistacchio, John Miller, Rowan Eastwood, Joseph Kendall. Michael Guy, Ian Wilkie, Cynthia Ford – thanks for sponsoring Roz to row these miles.

PS from Rita: I have become aware of the problem with the Sponsor page by Nomaddica and have sent a message to the person responsible for setting it up. Hope it will be resolved soon.


  •  For rozlings: you can see currents and wave height here

    • Angela, Those are great charts, and to me it’s a bit like one of those amazing intricate maze puzzles, but all paths seem to lead to nirvana, depending on how one defines it.

      Row enlightened, Roz!

  • Hey Roz:

    Very interesting/beautiful cloud pictures – foreground and back… From my Meteorology Studies in college, by their zig-zag/”spiral” appearance it would seem to indicate storm clouds trying to build – but “winds aloft” swirling in different directions kind of pulling them apart in the process…

    Daily Limerick

    The Purple Pirate Paddled Purely
    She crossed the oceans most assuredly
    When the weather was bad
    There was no time to be sad
    Because Dawn always came too damn early

    • I had a similar thought about the cloud in this picture.  It could also, I suppose, be the remnants of a cumulonimbus, but I agree it looks more like one that is trying to form through adverse wind shear.

      •  Hey @Lin:disqus : Thanks for your comment… It has been A LONG TIME since I studied Meteorology at The University of Miami RSMAS… Glad I remember a little bit! Coming from your NASA expertise, You made my day!

      • They’re cirrus fallstreaks (snow that evaporates long before reaching surface) moving through wind shear. The one on the horizon is vertical b/c no mid-level wind shear. 

        • @f1ee5b0ed5a44046b8ac90811c00bc49:disqus Bingo! The only reason that I thought they were “Building” was b/c of the clouds on the horizon. They looked to me to be storm clouds building without being affected by wind shear… But you are absolutely right…

  •  Currently rowing against my own current of things to do. Nothing like a little bit of procrastination though so I think I’ll just rework my home page 🙂 {well at least i’m doing something} If we all keep pulling we’ll get through the adverse currents. Jim Bell (NSW Australia)

  •  Hey Purple Pirate, I tried to sponsor some more miles but your donation page is not linked.  I’ll keep checking back but I thought you should know so someone on land can get it fixed.  We need to support you in every way we can.  Love following your adventures and I appreciate why you are rowing.  You are such an inspiration to me!  

    • I saved some money by transporting builders’ rubble myself, so sent a donation via PayPal. It let me add a comment so I told Roz to choose the miles. It would be tricky if she had to stop because her next mile hadn’t been subscribed!

    • Yup, Madpres. Definitely broken … That is certainly not Roz. Rita, if you are reading, I sent an email to Nick just now. 

      • Doug,   Your message got through. The link was back up and working by midnight PST or earlier. 

  • Row row row-endure gimcracks-Row row row-do you ever think about Donald Crowhurst?  Please come home soon.

  • Roz, I do not know what to call myself besides an incredible groupie of yours! Is that what Rozlings actually are? I am inspired daily by your journey, just the shear magnitude of it all.  But even more, your words are as unparrelled as your physical efforts, coupled with your enviable outlook on life. It seems as though we need to, and should be supporting you…but I simply must say, that the support back is equally uplifting!! My signature is California Rower,and I am in California, but the Rower is a small way for me to be along for your journey….many thanks and blessings to you! 

  • Well, Roz, “cumulus with a cirrus top” would have been my choice, too, given the choices on the charts. How about cumulus con cirrus carrottoppus”? 

    Seriously — and this is inspired by Jay’s comment on your FB fan page — that particular cloud appears to be either the number “3” or the number “5” with troll hair (like the image below which you, unfortunately, cannot see) … or Albert Einstein … or Einstein the Cat … not quite sure which.It certainly does not appear on any of the charts, but it might be a combination Cumulonimbus and Cirrostratus, which would not necessarily be Cumulocirrostatosaurus Frizzihairus.If you are the first to observe and report such a cloud, you could possibly coin it as Circumnavigus Spiralatus.I have called upon the experts and will have a decisive evaluation promptly … hopefully before today’s email is dashed off to you … so until then …Restus easilytus, Rozus!

    • Oh, those perturbations: Lin says it looks like a cumulonimbus is trying to form through adverse wind shear (reply to  Richard in DFW)

  • “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I
    can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”
    (Helen Keller) Roz, I have a feeling that you and Ms. Keller would have been fast friends. Fewer and fewer people seem to do what they can do simply because it is easier not to do what they can do… Another old saying fits for what Roz has done and is doing – “It is far better to try and fail, Than to fail to try.”

  • Roz, along the lines of “The Power of One” a Facebook friend posted today. I missed seeing THE 11TH HOUR when it first came out and have always intended to see it, so I just now did–no time like the present!  All of the interviews are impressive, but two concluding remarks especially hit home:

    David Suzuki (1:18:30): “So I see a world in the future in which we understand that all life is related to us, and we treat that life with great humility and respect. I see us, as well, as social creatures, and when I began to look back and saw what is the fundamental bottom line for us as social creatures, I couldn’t believe it because it seemed so hippy dippy, but it was love. Love is the force that makes us fully human.”

    Wes Jackson (The Land Institute): “Now to me, the value is the healing power that comes from getting that it’s not just global warming, it’s not just fossil fuel dependency, it’s not just soil erosion, it’s not just chemical contamination of our land and water, it’s not just the population problem, and it’s not just all of those. The deterioration of the environment–of our planet–is an outward mirror of an inner condition–like inside, like outside–and that’s a part of the great work.”


  • Hey Roz – just finished your book last night – not sure what to read next! Maybe you have some suggestions from your own extensive reading list? It was great to read about your past adventures while you are in the midst of your current one. Also, I’ll be thinking of you on Saturday – the UWA Men’s Eight is heading south of Perth to compete in the Bunbury Regatta – can’t say the waves will be as feisty as the ones you tackle, but I’ll be thinking of you as we crank up the rating!

  • Hey Roz, An idea… Obviously you love your solitude, But, now and then I am wondering if you ever wish you had someone there beside you – For inspiration, humor, conversation, romance, assistance, support, or any other reason… It might be interesting to hear, now and then, who you wish was right there with you, and why – within reason, there may be school children reading this… Let your imagination run wild – From Helen Keller as you have mentioned, To Benny Hill – or whomever… I think everyone – Rozlings, Speaking Groups, Readers and Film Audiences MIGHT find this interesting – this insight into you…

      • Sweet @9ded466cb37f14648c547bf3da0e14bf:disqus : You just reminded me of a pre-coma chuckle… The late, great Paul Newman was a huge supporter of Bill Clinton… But he was very upset with him for the Monica Lewinsky stuff… A reporter asked him, “Do you still support him?” He said, “Yes! Would I invite him to my home? Never!”

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