“Great acts are made up of small deeds.” ~Lao Tzu

While we can all recognize and appreciate Roz for her heroic efforts, her remarkable courage and leadership, I believe what’s most appealing about her story (like any superhero, really) is how we identify on some level, perhaps even see a bit of ourselves in her. We sense (if not know) that we might — just might — have that same capacity to overcome the insurmountable, whatever that may be, whether it’s rowing across the ocean, running a marathon or embedding a sustainability mindset around the planet.

On a conscious level that is certainly an intriguing prospect; however, on a subconscious level, I’m fairly certain that scares the hell out of most of us. We wonder, Could I really do that? Is that capacity within me? Could I somehow lead and inspire others? Could I really motivate others? Could I — little old me — inspire thousands or even millions of people to go for their dreams? To modify their behaviors for a better community and world? Me?!

And, what ripple effect would that have? Who might they then inspire?

Of course, the simple answer is yes. Yes, you could. Yes, you can! In fact, throughout time this is the only way our true heroes have come to be. And it’s the only way any change has ever taken root. The first step always takes the most courage, since it’s a challenge of self, belief and self-belief.

The Habit Factor®starts with this fairly simple truth, “Nobody improves the world without first improving themselves.” And, whether hero or saint, it’s important to know that great achievers first went to work on themselves. While their dreams and visions were big, it was their smallest actions (deeds) that they revisited and reconstructed — their habitual thoughts. They identified what must be refined first in their own character.

So whether it’s Mother Teresa, MLK or JFK, rest assured they had the same doubts, the same internal dialogue, the same mortal flaws, yet they took action, they got to work on themselves. Small deeds — indeed!

Got Questions?

So, before you, I or anyone inspires even a single person, guess what? We must, must inspire ourselves. We have to breathe life into (inspirare: latin root) our own life. How does that happen? I believe it happens the very same way Roz or any great soul begins. It begins with a few powerful, reflective questions. What’s your passion? What would excite you to get out of bed every morning — fired up about the day, week and year ahead? As you may already know, Roz asked some difficult questions and performed the ultimate “begin with the end in mind” exercise (to borrow a phrase from Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). If “beginning with the end in mind” (habit #2) is great for goals and projects, you can be certain it’s helpful for your life! Powerful questions like, “What would I want to be remembered for?” “What legacy could I leave?” “If I died tomorrow, how would my obituary read?” “How would I want it to read?” These questions challenge your vision, imagination and, yes, your courage.

Freedom Inspires
Be a lamp unto yourself. Work out your liberation with diligence. ~Buddha

Here’s the real gem: Once you get real — get personal and identify the answers to those very personal questions — once you shine the light on yourself diligently, you will be FREE – fully liberated. And nothing leads better than liberty, hence Roz’s incredible appeal: a liberated soul on a mission to transform our cultural and global environmental legacy. She can do it – we can do it.

What’s your legacy? What’s your BIG vision? What’s your next small deed?

Go Roz, Go!!

Martin Grunburg is the author of the Amazon bestseller The Habit Factor®. He’s an executive and Master Coach, speaker and trainer who has designed/developed the world’s #1 Goals & Habits app (iPhone/Android), also titled, The Habit Factor®. The app has touched the lives of tens of thousands around the world and features Habit Alignment Technology™, a methodology proven to be the fastest and surest way to achieve your biggest goals.

Sponsored Miles: Thank you Ian Hamby. An anonymous donor sponsored quite a few miles. Also a special thank you to Donald German who had actually sponsored numbers beyond where Roz is likely to go so was allocated earlier numbers.



  • Thanks, Martin. These words resonate: “What would I want to be remembered for?” “What legacy could I leave?” “If I died tomorrow, how would my obituary read?” “How would I want it to read?” These questions challenge your vision, imagination and, yes, your courage.

    These thoughts entered my mind as I was contemplating altering my career in 2004 while unemployed, after hearing Al Gore present his slide show on NPR. That wake up call set me on a new course: no more business as usual.

    Thank you for validating what I know to be true.  Thanks for your book.

  • On a concious level, I cannot see myself being that cute and doing something that courageous! ( Someone had to say it.. And based on yesterday’s blog, I felt that I was in the position to be voted off the island next, so am doing so with a bang!)
    My friend Eric Jackson of Jackson Kayaks and four time World Champion as well as Olympian and Ambassador for the USA kayak team since 1989. Once told me, “You know you got yourself a job when you look forward to retirement.” I paraphrase the rest… There is no end to passion. I am going to keep on kayaking until I can’t kayak any more, then I will find something related to kayaking, like teaching, that I can do. Kayaking is like breathing (he might of said, breeding. He has that kind of humor, void of accent). I will never tire of it.
    And in a few brief moments, I found my passion, seems that most things I do propel towards that goal… and it keeps expanding and getting better…
    One of the simplest ways to ignite or re-ignite your passion is to find a way to teach (educate is a better word) what you know or love. Maybe interview other people in similar positions first, for a differing reference point.

    Another good way is while you are reading Martin’s book The Habit Factor

    The Habit Factor is available for Kindle and as a download and can be found on Facebook.

    You could find something that you like to do and help someone with different fortunes than yourself achieve their goals. Like find a shelter or sanctuary of some kind and assist in endeavors close to your heart. One small deed should do it.
    Give yourself a week… come back to Blog day 107 next week and see your changes in yourself and make a new map…
    Just sayin~
    Row Beautiful Row!  🙂

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