11 March 2006

11th March

Today, Saturday, the support yacht Aurora has set out to meet Roz and accompany her back to English Harbour, Antigua. The weather has decided to unkind again. How frustrating to be so near, 70 miles away, and not be able to move because the wind wants to blow Sedna Solo further south. Roz has probably put out Sid the para-anchor and has to just sit and wait.
Meanwhile back here in Antigua I am making arrangements for a video film to be made of her arrival, and also for me to go out on a boat to meet her when she is within ten miles of the harbour. We won’t try to exchange hugs at that point!
Today has been very wet so far, and even if Roz was within binocular-spotting distance, the horizon is hidden in rain squalls. I have been equally frustrated by technology – sorry there is no picture again. What a (technology) wash-out.
I have been able to print out a lot of wonderful messages that have come in for Roz to read at her leisure. I think that she will be deeply moved by them, as I have been.

Sponsored miles: Mary Malinsky 2929 – n umbers with special meaning for her.
2934 India Pearey, and 2935 Sailing Unlimited. These last two seem to represent the short walk Roz will have from the dock to Admiral’s Inn where she is booked in for a few nights, in Nelson’s Dockyard.

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