This will need to be a quick blog. There is a short chop to the ocean tonight, and I haven’t quite got my sea legs yet – or, to be more accurate, my sea stomach. The worst place is inside the cabin, and the worst thing to be doing is typing on a laptop, so I’ll keep it short.

Apart from a bit of queasiness, so far so good.

A lovely send-off this morning from the Marine Training Centre in Tarawa. President Anote Tong came down at 6.45 to see me off – the early hour was due to Parliament being in session at the moment. Speeches were made, ceremonial headdress placed on head, and the fine young men of the MTC sang a song of farewell.

The president asked me how I felt at this stage, setting out on a new adventure. I replied, truthfully, that I try not to think about it too much until I’m past the point of no return. Or I might think better of it.

But now I’m out here, it’s not too bad. Weather has been everything – hard rain, grey skies, but also blue skies and brilliant sunshine. I was diligent with my sun lotion but still have a bit of a burn. And blisters. And an aching back. And a sore bum. But I was expecting all of those. Part of the job description.

Have made some good progress, although a bit too much west and not enough south for my liking, despite pointing my boat south-south-east most of the day. That’s life. That’s currents.

Okay, will sign off for now, as I still have to figure out how to use EpicTracker and my new satphone to send a blog and I don’t want to push my luck queasy-wise. Didn’t have time for blogging dress rehearsal before leaving land. But hey, if I waited until I was 100% ready I’d never have got going at all.

Over and out.


  • Roz, You really show what it takes to make it happen! I love what you said: “If I waited until I was 100% ready I’d never have got going at all.” SO very true! Way to leap! In the words of the Zen Masters, “Leap and the net will appear”. Bon Voyage courageous woman of inspiration and perspiration. Peaceful journey and safe seas. aquaphoenix (Traverse City, MI – USA)

  • Roz! Good luck on the next leg of your journey! I’ll be following you with my high school class in Norwich, New York, way up in NY State. We’re in awe of you and your mission!

  • Hey, few days late here, but just wanted to say bon voyage. I ran across your site just as you were ending your last leg, so it’s exciting to see you launching off on the next part of your journey.

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