Or even Daring Animals, Cute Adventurers… and Me.

Here’s a teaser for the Banff Film Festival, featuring some gorgeous and jaw-dropping shots from around the world, and some strange woman crawling over the cabin roof while her rowboat tips around in 20 foot waves.

This is a brief clip from the film of Rowing The Atlantic, made by Journeyfilm, which was a finalist in the 2009 Banff  Mountain Film Festival. The whole festival now goes on tour around the world. Literally. Even the South Pole. But not, unfortunately, Kiribati.

In keeping with this blog’s theme of mountains and adventure generally, if you’re pining for some intrepid outdoor action pending my departure in April, here are some resources:

The Adventure Blog – an excellent roundup of the latest news from the world of adventure. I receive it by email (simply subscribe at the website), and it’s just about the only newsletter I actually read on a regular basis rather than deleting unread.

The Atlantic Rowing Race – started late this year, apparently due to everybody’s marine flares (which have to be shipped separately for safety reasons) going astray. Solo rower Charlie Pitcher is going great guns in his radical boat – he did 66 miles the other day, to my immense envy, and is leading the race as I write.

Or if it’s epic feats of endurance that float your boat (!), check out Journeyfilm’s DVD of Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. And he has a very cute website too. I met Dean in San Francisco once, in a coffee shop. He’d run there, of course.

If you’re more into the gizmology and engineering side of oceans, you’ll enjoy The Adventures of Greg. He’s preparing to be the first person to travel from Canada to Hawaii by human power, in a (very claustrophobic-looking) pedal-powered boat. He’s got some other amazingly ambitious plans as well, and blogs regularly about the progress of building his incredible machines.

Oh, and he designed my “Savage” logo too, as a favour for me contributing a few tidbits of advice about ocean crossings. And his brother made the stickers for my boat. He’s a good guy! Award yourself extra bonus points if you can pronounce his last name correctly.

So I hope that all this energy and adrenaline will keep you amused and entertained over the winter (or summer, for my readers down under).


And Steve, I hope this keeps you happy! 😉


  • I’ll give it a shot: it looks Polish so would sound something like “Kolodjaiyik”.

    It’s a very neat boat, but I wonder whether he’ll suffer from heat-stroke inside it, even with the hatch open. And how will he deploy and retrieve a sea-anchor?

    He’s certainly one to watch!

  • Heh…small world: Dean Karnazes is the husband of my dentist Julie Karnazes. She is the best dentist in the world! She laughed when I told her that I’d rather have knee surgery than go to a dentist. And I’ve had 5 surgeries, so I know what I’m talking about! Now, I’d rather go to her…for anything. She’s THAT good!

    I’ve never met her husband, but I hear that he’s a hunk! (*wink*)

  • Thanks for the plug Roz! Say, remember a while ago we talked about a one-click blogging / social media solution? Well, I think I finally have the problem cracked. email me and I’ll fill you in on the solution.

  • Geez Roz, I think this should come with a health warning. (But then, I’m not very good with heights …)

    Seriously though, it’s a lovely film and congratulations for being included!

  • I will never understand why anyone would climb a vertical face of a mountain, jump off a cliff or swim with sharks. To me the risk/reward ratio just doesn’t make sense. However, sailing the ocean in a vessel no bigger than a good size automobile makes perfect sense and the risk/reward ratio is heavily biased toward reward. Roz, you did have your harness on and clipped on, right?

  • Hi Roz,
    I’m glad you’re having a relaxing time and I do hope your film wins at the film fest. I look forward to seeing it.

    I hope you don’t mind if I enter a plug for my other favorite do-gooders, Direct Relief International. They specialize in delivering medical supplies, food, water, and other emergency relief items to disaster areas around the world. Haiti is just one of several places they deliver to. They do awesome work and only one cent of every dollar donated goes to administration/fund raising. The other 99 goes directly supplies and transport.

    Thanks Roz

  • Good morning, Wonderful site, where did you come up with the info in this summary? Im glad I found it though, I’ll be checking back soon to see what other blogs you have.

  • Hi “cute girl” – I got the info in this summary because I happen to know all these people and/or organizations. I’m very lucky – I move in interesting circles!

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