I believe the Liberal Democrats are the party of the future. Our Liberal values, of Liberty, Equality, Democracy, Community, Internationalism and Environmentalism are exactly what our country needs right now. If we can articulate our message and our mission with clarity, positivity, and relevance, we can restore the faith among younger voters, take votes from the Tories, and win in the South Cotswolds and beyond.

I don’t for a minute underestimate the scale of the task. To be a target seat, every month we need to average one leaflet, 1,000 doorstep contacts, and 10,000 mail drops. We need to hire a full-time campaign manager, build our media profile, increase our membership, and raise at least £100,000.

Fortunately, I am not easily daunted. As I proved during my ocean rowing voyages, I have the courage, determination, and perseverance to take on big challenges, and succeed.

And this time, I won’t be solo. I see my role as PPC as being to corral the skills and experience we already have in the constituency, and rally our team around a shared vision so all our energy is directed towards that goal of defeating the Tories and bringing decency, integrity and Liberal values back into public life.

My father used to say, whatever you do, put your whole heart into it, and I wholeheartedly commit to doing everything in my power to lead us to victory in the next general election. We can take this seat, and together we can start to create a society that truly works for all. I have a vision of the better world I know is possible, and with your help, we can make this vision a reality for generations to come.


As your parliamentary candidate, I will:

- Use my fundraising experience to fill our campaign war chest

- Win over Conservative voters through personal connection and relationship-building

- Recruit new members and build capacity for the future

- Use my media experience to raise the Lib Dem profile in S Cotswolds

- Combine inspiring messaging with hard work and meticulous organisation to create a winning campaign



As your South Cotswolds MP I will:

- Address key issues like affordable housing, traffic, and public transport by convening stakeholders to identify workable solutions

- Support efforts to protect, restore, and regenerate our beautiful landscape and rebuild biodiversity

- Establish start-up hubs for young entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate, and innovate together

- Build social connection by supporting community gardens, intergenerational skills-sharing, and Citizens’ Assemblies

- Get more Lib Dems into positions of power by mentoring upcoming local councillors



At Westminster I will:

- Advocate passionately for proportional representation, and decentralisation of power to community level

- Address climate change and increase resilience by campaigning for regenerative agriculture and local food production

- Support the NHS, including investment in mental health services and preventive medicine

- Start rebuilding bridges with Europe

- Position the Liberal Democrats as the Party for the Future, applying our Liberal values to meet the challenges of the 21st century


See below to read my campaign pledges, find out more about me, and watch videos where I share my thoughts on various policy topics, and stories about the influences that have shaped my political philosophy.

CONTACT ME!       rozlibdem@gmail.com       07808 719881

Democratic Reform


Food Production


I have spoken on all seven continents, alongside the likes of Barack Obama, Al Gore, John Kerry and Leonardo DiCaprio. My day job is speaking to corporations, universities, schools, conferences and political forums, using my ocean rowing adventures to share messages on purpose, motivation, and the environment. My goal is always to inspire people to believe that a better world is possible, and to share a hopeful message of how we can work together to make that a reality. People tell me that hearing me speak has changed their lives, helping them to make braver decisions in their life and work.

I bring this mindful approach into politics - I don't see it as my role to tell people how to live their lives. I genuinely believe in the Liberal value of liberty, which is the freedom to be oneself, develop one’s personality and one’s life as one wants, subject only to the right of others to do the same.

I believe that we need more politicians who are able to articulate a message of hope and inspiration, to share a vision of a better future, and to give people practical ways to come together in creating that future. We need more ambition, more courage, more capacity to inspire and galvanise. I believe that I can do this.


My latest book sums up all I've learned in the last twenty years about why change is hard, why change is necessary, and how change can happen. Based on my doctoral dissertation, it ends with an uplifting vision of what the future could look like if humanity consciously chooses to design a better future for the generations to come.

From the book cover: 'The Ocean in a Drop follows the quest of Roz Savage, a frustrated environmentalist and ocean adventurer, to find out why her own endeavours and the environmental movement more generally have failed to achieve change at the necessary scope, scale and speed. Her journey takes her from the environment through economics and politics into patriarchy and a global culture of domination – the domination of rich over poor, strong over weak, humanity over nature.

Exploring cutting-edge theories on the nature of reality and the relationship between matter and consciousness, she peels back the veils of our shared delusions to arrive at a new narrative about what it means to be human in the twenty-first century. She paints a bold, exciting vision of a future in which people and planet thrive."


It was my environmental awakening in 2003, after seeing the impacts of climate change in the Peruvian Andes, that led to me rowing solo across three oceans, using my adventures to raise awareness of our ecological crisis. For the last two decades I have been a tireless campaigner on environmental issues, including:

  • MBE for services to the environment and fundraising
  • United Nations Climate Hero
  • Athlete Ambassador for 350.org (climate change)
  • Inducted into International Green Industry Hall of Fame
  • Ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition
  • Campaigned for the London Super Sewer to prevent sewage discharges into River Thames
  • Campaigned for a plastic bag free London Olympics
  • Speaker at TED Mission Blue in the Galapagos (a special TED event focused on oceans)
  • Speaker at Our Oceans conference in Washington DC, appearing onstage between Leonardo DiCaprio and Barack Obama


I hold four Guinness World Records for ocean rowing, including first woman to row solo across three oceans - the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. That's about 15,000 miles of rowing during a total of 520 days and nights at sea. My longest single voyage was exactly five months alone at sea, without seeing dry land or another human being.

These voyages have undoubtedly shaped me. I have had to find inner reserves of courage, resilience and resourcefulness. I have discovered that even the biggest challenges (including political ones) can be overcome through perseverance and dogged determination. I am not easily daunted.

I now bring that tenacity to the political realm. We are rowing into uncharted waters as we face up to unprecedented challenges like AI, climate change and biodiversity loss, and disruptions to our economic assumptions. We will come unstuck if we try to apply old solutions to novel problems. When I used to return to land after months alone at sea, I could clearly see our societal problems with a fresh eye. We need this kind of brave objectivity if we are to navigate our way through the years ahead.


I believe that proportional representation would open the door to a totally different kind of politics - more collaborative,  more decentralised, greater integrity. The current first-past-the-post system is irredeemably broken -  too adversarial, too centralised, too corruptible. Voting reform is never easy, but there is a real chance that the Liberal Democrats could hold the balance of power in the next government. Now is our chance for change.


Following on from proportional representation, we need to shift the gravitational centre of power from Westminster to the regions. It is time that people are given an active voice in the decisions that affect their daily lives. Cities, towns and villages must be given the resources, amenities, and capacity for self-determination that support truly vibrant communities.


Environmental stewardship is about more than decarbonisation. Our beautiful countryside needs preservation, restoration, and regeneration to ensure nature's biodiversity as a legacy for future generations. Done right, we can meet our needs for sympathetic and affordable housing development, resilient and regenerative food production, and healthy ecosystems in which people and planet can thrive.