Today has been amazing. the final climate ride at the capitol68 miles passed like a dream. We brought it on home – all the way to the Capitol. 150 riders all cycling into Washington DC to deliver a message on climate change.

Much more to come, but right now it’s gone midnight and I’ve been up since 6am and it’s been a big day. In short summary, 5 incredible days, many new friends, many miles crossed, many hills climbed. Although I don’t have the energy left for a full post (had 2 meetings this evening as soon as the Climate Ride finished) then check out the official website for today’s news. Tons of photos, blogs, and all-round entertainment. I wish I could keep my eyes open long enough to check it out, but from my quick skim it looks like a fun and rich overview of our incredible final day.

A West Coast Climate Ride is happening next May. I will be on the ocean, but if you can make it, please do! I just wish I could be there. San Francisco to Sacramento – important cause, and your chance to make a difference. Just seeing the calibre and the reactions of the politicians and diplomats who embraced our cause today made me realize just what we had achieved. I can’t tell you what a buzz it was to be a part of this. Do it if you can!

And incidentally, it’s great for your body too – I have eaten for England these last 5 days and have still lost weight. And my thighs have totally changed shape – for the better. This Climate Ride just scores on all counts – good for your body, and good for the planet!


  • I hope you can sell it to those who seem to count the most Roz! I can’t wait to hear the game plan! 🙂

  • Absolutely and even more in awe of you and your accomplishments! I acciedentally wore Earth shoes three days in a row and my quads were screaming when I stopped–with no particular effort to exercise, just daily life. So my body is a personal measure of your amazingness in your efforts to bring awareness to such an important message. Congratulations on your (collective) success in DC! Amazon just emailed me that the book will ship earlier than originally expected–I can hardly wait!

  • Roz, how auspitious that Senators Boxer and Kerry released the draft “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009” on the final day of your climate ride.

    Colin Beavan aka No Impact Man wrote a brief blog yesterday “Respecting Commitment” listing all 150 climate riders. Interestingly, you are listed twice on his list. You must have made a REALLY NICE impression … or did you do your equatorial routine and cross the finish line twice? [Sorry, I just could not resist the implicit humor.]

  • Any word yet on whether or not Tarawa was affected by the tsunami? I keep thinking about the wonderful people there and about Roz’s team and hoping they are OK.

  • My book is on its way.

    Markus and I hope to see you in SF.

    You continue to be a strong inspiration at the SR Jail.

    Loved following your Climate Ride….well-done.


  • Considering the months long focus on Tuvalu and Tarawa, I am surprised not to find mention of the recent tsunami and its impact on these islands and their wonderful citizens and any team Roz memebers. It may be difficult to obtain information but an acknowledgment of the situation would seem in order.


  • Roger, you will be relieved to hear that to the best of my knowledge Kiribati was not affected by the tsunami. Samoa is a long way away to the south, and it seems that the effects of the tsunami had dissipated by the time it reached Kiribati.

  • P.S. Here is what I heard from my friends John and Linda in Tarawa regarding the tsunami:

    “We’re still here, although it was a little frightening to be awoken the other morning with the tsunami warning. People from our village moved to what there is of the “centre” of the island. We had two cameras set up on either side of the island. Many people in Bairiki went to the sports stadium – a few had lifejackets and objects for flotation. It was a beautiful day and the quietness was eerie – we think there may have been quite a lot of furious praying.

    Thank goodness the earthquake prone areas are some considerable distance away – may it stay that way. We can laugh now but it was all a timely reminder of how vulnerable we are.”

  • Roz,
    I see on your twitter you are now in NY…… I live here…..any chance of seeing you at a meeting or a speech or whatever?? I don’t suppose so, just a thought. Your book came today, which I shall dive into very shortly. Much love.

  • Amazon tells me to expect delivery between October 7th through 9th and that’s with “next day” delivery (which costs more than the book) so I don’t know who you other people know that gets it to you so soon. I feel cheated somehow. Will it arrive in time for me to catch Roz in San Francisco?

  • Roz- I would love to be at your book signing, but it just so happens I have a medical procedure that very evening……doggone it!!!!!!!!! Lots of love. Dully

  • Roz,
    Thank you for the update on Kiribati and Tarawa. I am glad to hear the tsunami had little or no effect on those islands.
    All the best,

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