Woodside, CA

Today I was drafting some new content for my website (yet to go live) and was jotting down my Code of Conduct for blogging. There is one particular element of it that is causing major frustration at the moment: ‘Don’t make forward-looking statements’.

Right now is a very exciting stage of my plans to row the Pacific – having spent most of the last 3 months building my network in the US, assembling the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, those pieces are now falling into place unbelievably quickly, and I am SO EXCITED about it!

But alas, it is all still forward-looking, and I don’t want to jinx it by going to press prematurely. So much as it irks me, I will bite my tongue and bide my time and just tease you by saying that good things are afoot, and I’d love to tell you, but I’d have to shoot you….

By way of infill while the jigsaw puzzle gets itself together, here are my self-imposed blogging guidelines.

“My goal in blogging is to inspire, entertain and enlighten others, while providing myself with a record of what I was doing, who I was meeting, where I was going at a particular time of my life.

With these goals in mind, I try to stick to the following guidelines:
a. Don’t make forward looking statements (also known as tempting fate!)
b. Be respectful towards all
c. Don’t reveal confidential information
d. Stay positive, don’t comment negatively on things
e. Convey passion and purpose
f. Update frequently
g. Aspire to thought leadership, be an original, be a champion for my beliefs
h. Whenever possible, convey new information drawn directly from my experience or, failing that, deliver informative commentary about some issue on which I am qualified to speak.

I keep a journal as well as blogging, for those things that don’t comply with these guidelines, or which are just too personal to share. To be published posthumously!

Some people feel too shy to blog, thinking that their life wouldn’t be of interest to anyone besides themselves. What can I say? This may well be true! But even if nobody ever read my blog, I would still feel it was worth writing. Just the thought that someone MAY read it, and the fact that I am putting my life and my thoughts up for public examination, makes me live my life in a better way, makes me live a life that I am proud to share.”

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