Telluride, Colorado

Last night I had dinner with Paul Hawken – environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author of many books including Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came Into Being and Why Nobody Saw It Coming (a ground-breaking book in many ways – including the theoretical 6-word limit on a subtitle).

Also there was Sjur Paulsen, director of a film called Loop, featuring the founding father of deep ecology, Arne Naess. Paul’s presentation and Sjur’s film had formed a powerfully thought-provoking double-bill here at Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colorado.

So needless to say the dinner conversation revolved around topics rather more profound than the what we did on our last vacation and the state of the housing market…

My jaw dropped when Sjur came out with something almost word-for-word the same as this, about a person’s comfort zone shrinking if they don’t work on constantly expanding it, pushing their personal boundaries and growing as a person.

It reminded me that it is getting high time I get out on another adventure, before I get too comfortable in this highly enjoyable life on the American road. It’s great fun doing presentations and schmoozing sponsors and media, but soon it will be time to get out there, alone and vulnerable on the ocean, before I get too cozy in my comfort zone. This is my own personal Blessed Unrest.

[photo: with Paul Hawken in front of Sedna]

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