Bend, Oregon

Last night’s fundraiser for Search & Rescue in Bend, Oregon, was a great success – but now it’s over, hence rather dodgy title for this blog. Hood River is also over – my presentation there was on Sunday night.

I arrived in Bend yesterday with 24-foot boat in tow at the height of rush hour, which was not ideal. The original plan had been to put the boat behind the theatre, but she seemed too tucked-away there. She is my best billboard, and deserved centre stage.

So Eric ran around to the front of the theatre – and raced back to announce, “Three parking spaces in a row – move NOW!” So I manouevered Sedna around there as fast as I could, and we got our billboard in place.

Sedna certainly helped draw the crowds, and we had an excellent turnout at the Tower Theatre.

And this morning I got a call from a local classic rock radio station wanting to do an interview after the show host had spotted my boat – probably not the kind of thing you see every day in downtown Bend.

Today Sedna, Quackers and I hit the road again – off to the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, where I’m speaking on Sunday.

[photo: TV interview for Fox before my presentation last night]

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