Laura, Jane and Roz - and lots of mud
Laura, Jane and Roz - and lots of mud

We have just arrived in Grimbergen, which is much nicer than it sounds. And most importantly from our perspective is that it lies a mere 10 miles from Brussels. Tomorrow will be a relatively short stroll to our final destination. Funny how your perspective changes after getting used to 15-18 miles a day!

We are now sitting at our hotel hatching plans for our arrival. We have put the word out to anyone we know in Brussels, and our new best friend Frank has also notified the local media. He is here now – having handed out photocopied maps to show us exactly where we need to be and when, he and Alison are now engaged in a major debate on a whole spectrum of environmental issues, while Nora and Todd capture their animated discussion on camera.

While I am writing this blog to put out the word about tomorrow. We’d like to get as much coverage as we can. We’ve walked 250 miles to make a point about our desire for a sustainable future, and to urge global leaders to help enable this dream to come true. The more exposure we can get the better.

Tomorrow we will be walking (or hobbling, or limping!) into the small park at Schuman, proudly wearing our orange jackets and caps, and bearing our signed Earth Balls. We are hoping for a welcoming committee of journalists, TV crews, and people coming out to show their support for our cause.

If you happen to be in Belgium, or know anybody who lives here, please let them know about this happening and urge them to come along. The weather forecast is for dry conditions (phew!) and there will be 5 radiantly sunny (and relieved!) smiles to brighten up even the dullest afternoon.

So we hope to see a good bunch of people there. If we all pull together, we CAN save the world – one step/oarstroke at a time!

Other Stuff:

Please also check out Alison Gannett’s blog. She has loads of photos of our walk – plus an account of BB2B from her own unique perspective. To be honest, I haven’t had time to read it – would be interesting to find out how the view of an extreme skier differs from that of an ocean rower. I know she got a lot more excited about hills than I did!

Alison will be coming on to Copenhagen. We will be doing a joint presentation on the Climate Express on Saturday at 6pm, and have further plans to collaborate once we are at COP15.

Please also consider supporting her Kickstarter project. She is 94% of the way there, with 8 days to go!


  • Thanks Roz for your updates and continued efforts to make our planet a better place. I know it is all of our responsibility to make a difference and it can start as something small that starts a wave of change. I hope you are met in Brussels to an overwhelming reception.

  • Roz, please tell Alison I think she skis “very well” …. quite!
    (Use your best understated British tone, if you know what I mean.)

    Actually, she blows me away … OVER THE TOP. I have skied some “waterfall” moguls and was pretty advanced once upon a time (double diamonds) but cautious and I don’t really like speed … moguls ok …
    but not flying over them … “curtain” never! ;-D

    You two are AWESOME. Totally yin and yang to the extreme … “extremely slow-flat-long” and “extremely fast-vertical-short”. Can you play that up in Copenhagen somehow to catalyze a meaningful agreement …
    or perhaps in the documentary?

    Here’s the latest Google map update …

  • Well Done Roz and Team,
    Now enjoy some of the very fine beers from Belgium.
    Yes, I would like to meet up with your friend Sinead,
    in Dunedin. Cheers, Currin

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