Buy this hat - yes, the very one that sat on my head from Big Ben to Brussels!
Buy this hat - yes, the very one that sat on my head from Big Ben to Brussels!

I accumulated all kinds of swag and memorabilia while I was in Copenhagen, from the UNEP Climate Express train and various other events. I’m looking to raise a few $$ to replace the last of the items that were stolen during COP15, so we’ve launched a special sale of these once-in-a-lifetime goodies.

Even if you weren’t able to make it to Copenhagen for the climate change conference, here is a way you can buy a little piece of history.

As to what I took away from Copenhagen apart from these trinkets – well, physically, I left with more than I had when I arrived. But emotionally I left with so much more, and that feeling is growing as I see amazing stories arriving daily of companies, countries and individuals taking action at sub-national level. Where our global leaders have failed, we are now succeeding!


  • Roz, I hope to be wearing your hat!Maybe through osmosis, I will be rewarded with divine inspiration. All the best today. AmyinAustin

  • Hi! I’m from São Paulo City Brazil, a huge metropolis. We are facing a 40 dias nonstop raining season. Everyday it’s a deluge, really – 60 people died drowned or covered with mud. Rio de Janeiro and other southern states too are in the same situation, besides disasters in Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande, near Rio.

  • Amy, are you my competition?! Couldn’t ask for better! Hey, Roz. What size is the cap and the T-shirt? I just bid on both, but probably will give them to my niece. She’s about your size — much smaller than me that’s for sure!

  • Doug – to be honest, not sure about the t-shirt. Suspect it’s a medium. The cap is one-size-fits-all, I think. I’ve got a big head, and it certainly fitted me!

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