“Roz has spent an unbelievable 103 days in a 24-foot boat, on her own. This is an incredible adventure. I admire her stamina and determination… This must have tested her resources to their limit.”
Sir Steve Redgrave, quintuple Olympic gold medal winner

In 2005, Roz Savage became the first woman to complete the Atlantic Rowing Race – solo.

She set out from the Canary Islands with 3,000 miles of empty ocean ahead of her, carrying nothing more could be squeezed in her boat. Alone and with no support, Roz fought storms that broke every one of her oars before she had reached halfway, and also claimed her camping stove, stereo, and cockpit navigation instruments.

As the Atlantic Ocean gradually reduced her boat to the bare essentials, Roz’s voyage captured the attention of people all over the world. Despite her testing circumstances, Roz managed to keep a blog that she updated by satellite phone.

Her determination to never surrender in the face of almost overwhelming conditions struck a chord with thousands around the globe. People stayed tuned as she repaired her oars, was blown backwards by adverse winds, and hit the wall – both physically and mentally. Roz’s blog entertained and, more importantly, inspired readers worldwide.

Roz wasn’t just showing that she had what it took to make the change from city worker to transatlantic rower. She was showing that we all have the strength within us to be the people we truly want to be. It also enlightened people about the state of the world’s oceans, a resource that is all too often taken for granted.

When, on the 17th of February, Roz’s satellite phone, too, succumbed to the harsh conditions onboard, Roz was presented with the toughest challenge of the entire row – total isolation from the world, with nearly four weeks of the race still to go.

But she persevered, and twenty-four days later, at twelve minutes to six in the evening GMT, Roz crossed the finish line and rowed into the history books.

2,935 miles.

103 days.

24 feet of boat.

4 oars.

1 woman.

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