Facebook shows me that many people are wishing that they were here to watch Roz arrive. Without her permission, I am giving you a brief update. No pictures yet, apart from those of the team that have been uploaded to the the most recent blog.

The team assembled here at the Yacht Club, Grand Bay, at 6am, and have gone off in a boat to meet up with Roz in the Quoin Channel. She has been navigating through the night, making sure that she avoids the coral reefs.

About 9.30 I had a message that they have met up with Roz, and she is continuing to row right into the bay if possible, rather than being towed. I opted to stay here at the Yacht club to be on the jetty when she does arrive – probably another hour to go.



  • Bless your heart Rita! You have had as much courage, if not more, as Roz, to see this thing through. Cheers!!!!

  • I can’t imagine anything more perfect than having your mum to catch your first shaky steps on the first solid land after 5 months!  Sweet memories of the distant past, and even sweeter celebration of your daughter’s amazing accomplishment!  A heartfelt “thank you” to you, Rita!

  • In the midst of all this excitement, I have a question? Where is UncaDoug?! His “voice” is missing! Did he fly to Mauritius?

    • Here I am … in Sacramento, working at keeping up on the FB pages … have not been to Rita’s page until just now 12:02 AM PT … wrote a limerick for the FB post … here … hold on … looking for the post … it’s like New Years eve on FB … BRB …

      Ah … found it … http://on.fb.me/ou67HD 

      ok, I’ll start and you make it better …

      Roz rowed and crossed imaginary ribbons!
      Who knows if it is waxing or waning gibbons?
      I’m not sure she cared
      Her oars had been spared.
      Guy marking the line best not be trippin’ or fibbin’!

      Row trippin’ Roz!

      • In order to kill time, I wrote a few myself, (ahem):

        Our shero Roz
        May have lost her lip gloss
        But she found her mojo
        In the middle of the Indian Ocean-o.
        Three cheers for Roz’s feat
        Surely it’s a record hard to beat
        Now let’s welcome her with a cheer
        And make sure she quickly enjoys a cold beer!
        Tic toc, tic toc,The sardine jumped over the dock.The Sedna stood still,The crowd had its fill, And the journey was finally at nill.

        (I think I will stick to prose, no?)

        • I have yet to post something I wrote on the blog and seen it come out as I wrote it – the spacing is atrocious! Those were supposed to be two separate limericks (above)… 

          Anyway, it has been fun… UncaDoug, Outside Jay, Terry L. Claire in LA, Stan, Bob… what a group!  Does anyone remember the whiny guy from Australia who, if I remember correctly forecast that this trip was a waste of time, and that the coast guard would eventually have to spend precious fuel to fly out and save Roz? (I had a good go at him back then!)  Well, I hope he is watching or hears the news, because I am glad he has been proven a naysayer and a poor sport.

          Here’s hoping our paths meet up in the future, perhaps at some Roz fest!  Everyone take care… and keep up the terrific work and attitude!

          Nancy in Chicago 

        • Nancy! I like how the length of the phrases expand … hmmm. Like expanding ripples … expanding Roz rhythmic ripples … and this reminds me that I composed a limerick Sunday evening in my car – http://bit.ly/LmrkEndNotRoz

          It’s a little heavy and unending … please forgive me … you probably already read it … But on this occasion, I think of Roz’s accomplishment as a beginning, not an end. Roz(lings) have a lot of work yet to be done … judging from what is going on over on Facebook this evening, I think we are all incited …

          I imagine Roz is getting excited.
          I know many people who will be delighted.
          When she hangs up her oars,
          There’ll be many chores,
          So all stay in touch ’cause we are incited.

          ‘Row’ perpetually, Roz(lings)!

  • And YES, she did it!! World Record –
    Roz Savage, Ocean Rower First woman to ever row across all three Major
    Oceans alone. One record that can never be broken; see there is no such thing as
    the second, first person to do something!!! Someone might do it in less time or
    complain less about their boat flipping upside down twice in one day or losing
    her “bed pan”:), but there won’t be anyone to imitate what ROZ DID!  — RITA, I know you are so proud and we are so happy for you and Roz!

  • So close, but I must go back to sleep to be ready for work in the morning. A groggy, yet hearty congratulations and much love to Roz, Rita and the shore team.
    All my best,

  • AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH. Woooooo Woooooo, Three Cheers!!!!

  • Congratulations Roz Fantastic

    Everyday we live our lives.We search for the answers toThe things that matter to us mostThings that are close to you
    The Oceans are so preciousNo one should says it ours to keepThe way that we pollute themIt makes you want to weep
    All life that lives there depends on usTo do what is rightFor if we don’t care about it who willHow can we sleep at night
    Each bit of plastic thrownCan end up in the seaEach piece of rubbish can killThe wildlife so special to you and me
    The planet is not ours to aloneWe share it with every living thingSo much it’s dependant onThe future that we bring
    Each one of us can make a differenceWe all must speak out loudFor if we don’t what becomes of our worldDrowned like voices in the crowd
    We like to think as the dominant raceMankind will lead the wayBut deep down every thingDepends on us and what we do today.

    This poem is dedicated to Roz and her amazing rowing achievements and for her passion of the oceans the environment that surrounds us and its health. I wrote this in 2009.
    Thank you Roz you are an inspiration.

    Steve S in Aus- (Macrophotographer)

  • Congratulations Roz! The world gets its first female three-ocean rower on the same day as Denmark gets its first female primeminister.

  • Congrats Roz and LOOK MUM NO PIRATES 😉
    Hope you have a wonderful reunion and some well deserved hot water. Look forward to further news.
    Once again well done Jim Bell (NSW Australia)

  • Congratulations Roz. I know it is a beautiful day on the dock. Many smiles from friends all the world wide. One door closes and another will open. Proud of ya friend.

  • Congratulations on a job well done Roz.  We’ll miss “seeing” you out on the oceans.  Stay in touch with us and thanks for everything.

  • Fantastic achievement Roz.  You are a star.  As glad as I am that you have completed your mission and are safely ashore, I will dearly miss the nightly updates – checking you are safe and well before I go to sleep.  Im certain I am not alone.  
    With love and best wishes

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