Sunrise 0428, Sunset 2217

Paradise Bay, 64 degrees 53.9′ South, 62 degrees 52.7′ West

Today was simply too gorgeous for words. I spent much of the day with my mouth hanging open, in complete awe of our surroundings.

I hadn’t slept well last night, due to the rolling of the boat (ironic!) so this afternoon I was sorely tempted to skip the zodiac trip and snooze a siesta instead. Oh boy. I am so glad I didn’t – which goes to prove that you rarely regret the things you do, and often regret the things that you don’t.

Today was spectacular. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world – or a snooze. Words are not adequate to describe it, so I am going to give Words the night off, and put Pictures on duty instead. Enjoy my little slideshow, featuring seals, penguins, icebergs, and me. Music is “Antarctica Echoes”, by Vangelis.

Other Stuff:

Just so you know… as we get further south, our internet is going to become increasingly unreliable. So if you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t panic. We haven’t hit an iceberg and sunk. I will continue to write my blogs and post them when I am able to get online again.


  • By the way, the “Part 4” of Rowing the Atlantic that Roz mentions in her previous blog is now available as a digital download (link below) for $6.99 US. Seeing it at the Banff Mt Film Festival, and wholly becoming inspired by it, despite my not needing inspiration 🙂 started my wanting to share Roz’s message to my daughter, and then others… If you have not seen her Rowing the Atlantic The Movie, you are truly missing out! The movie shows the true grit and determination that Roz possesses as well as the powerful self-reliance she has now developed into an artform.

    Cheers Roz, Row Girl Glow!

    …and thanks Rita, for responding to my very first inquiry!


  • Thank you Roz for the beautiful slideshow. Per your tweet, no Leo LaPorte is on a Holland America ship leaving Argentina on Feb 4.

  • I went down to the “ice” in December of 2007, as part of the trip 5 of us were able to do a 3 night off the ship camping/kayaking trip. it was the single most amazing trip. I cannot wait to go back!

  • oh Roz, what a wonderful way to start my day here in chilly Asheville. Thank you so much for that beautiful show. And how spectacular that YOU get to be in that part of the world. I was thinking, “wow, I met you don’t miss that management job you once had!” Beautiful. thank you.

  • Roz…absolutely amazing–the music/photos make a wonderful, thoughtful meditation…and a very special way to share “your day” with us and me who has just been lurking here…keeping track of you … and finally I just sat here and chuckled–“couldn’t sleep from the rocking boat”… you are the best and always willing to share small moments of you life with us that often touch us and share our humanity… know that most us just sit here and continue to vicariously join you in your daily journies…

  • Wow! Absolutely stunning Roz! A good reminder of how that natural beauty is so much a part of us – yet so lacking in these modern times (for most of us). I’m heading out to the cabin in Whitefish with a few friends for some back county skiing tomorrow and I thought I should remind you that it’s available for you again – anytime you are in that ne k of the woods.

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