Kailua, Oahu

Today I arrived in Hawaii, straight into the middle of my friend Mariya’s all-day birthday party. She lives about four doors away from the beach, so after a few hours of festivities I felt the pull of the ocean, and excused myself for a solitary walk along the beach in the dark.

I took my shoes off and let the sand and surf explore the spaces between my toes. It felt good to walk along in the strong briny breeze, listening to the ocean surge and swell – the ocean that by now I had expected to have spent about 3 months in crossing, from California to here.

I am looking forward to the coming week, and learning more about the Hawaiian ocean culture. If anything this will strengthen my already-strong resolve to continue the pursuit of my dream – and next year I will try again to get here the “right” way: by rowboat.

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