Liberal Democrat Candidate for the Cotswolds

Commitment | Courage | Competence

I’m surprised to find myself standing for election. Politics wasn’t a big thing in my family or my circle of friends, and other than voting in general elections I didn’t pay much attention.

Twenty years ago I woke up to our ecological crisis and became a campaigner, rowing solo across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans to raise awareness of our environmental issues via blogs, podcasts, talks and books. I identified as a campaigner, but not a politician.

My latest book, The Ocean in a Drop, explains how our environmental issues are inextricably interwoven with economics and politics, so we have to take an integrated approach to change. But even then my future path didn’t become obvious.

It was on the day of the Queen’s funeral, when I was reflecting on her life of tireless devotion to public duty, that the idea to enter politics took hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I feel the same way about politics as I did when I felt called to row across the oceans to raise environmental awareness - energised, excited, and eager to make a positive difference in service to the greater good.

So why should you vote for me?


I commit to listen.

I commit to putting all my energy and enthusiasm into delivering the change we need. 

I commit to serving your best interests.


My watchwords will always be:

Commitment - Courage - Competence