Suzy catching up on calls over breakfast in Nawlins
Suzy catching up on calls over breakfast in Nawlins

Van, near Dallas, Texas

This morning we hit the road at 5.45am (yeah, thanks Suzy, great idea, who needs sleep anyway…) and by breakfast we had passed through a huge thunderstorm and 4 states – Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. We drove into New Orleans around 10am, past buildings still showing signs of Katrina’s devastation, and miraculously managed to find a 50-foot-long parking space on the edge of the picturesque French Quarter.

After a quick gumbo breakfast and a look around Bourbon Street we hit the road again and headed west once more.

We are now in the second largest state in the US (Alaska being the first), just outside of Dallas. Texas, according to my road atlas, has a population of 21 million and covers an area of 266,807 square miles. Incredible to think that the North Pacific Garbage Patch is alleged to be about the same size.

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