A slideshow of 2009 – the highs, the lows, and most of all the friends, family, supporters, teammates who helped to make it such an incredibly special year. Thank you to you all! And many of you will find yourselves starring below…. apologies that I couldn’t include everyone, but please know that I have valued and appreciated the part you have played in my life over the last 12 months.

Wishing you all the very best for 2010 – may all your dreams come true!


  • Roz,

    What a great way to look back on everything you accomplished in 2009! Although you’ll never find me rowing an ocean, you have inspired me to make the most of 2010!

    Happy New Year!

  • Rozzie…That’s a great ‘year in the life of’, love it! Missed you BIG time this xmas, SO sorry our paths couldn’t cross this time…our cosy kitchen is always here for you…as is the chilled sauv blanc!

    It’s nearly a year since you & Nicole came for dinner (Jan 09)…lets hope we don’t have to wait till Jan 2011 to do it again!? (Of course that would be a fantastic dinner date…!).

    Heaps of love, e me soon….Cx

  • This is so awesome!! One of my favorite songs to go with your journey! So cool. One question?….the music seems to go up and down in volume several times. Is it my computer or the recording?

  • Hi Stephanie – it’s the recording. Or more precisely, it’s some automatic setting in the slideshow. I created the turning earths in iMovie and then imported them to iPhoto so I could include them in the slideshow. But each time it gets to a turning earth it dips the volume. I have no idea why – I couldn’t find anything relating to this inn the settings. If anyone has any ideas…!!

    And hello Hamms! Unfortunately I’m off on my travels again on Monday – back to the US – and probably won’t be back until October or November. Boo!!!! But hopefully in 2011 I’ll be spending more time in the UK, and will be sure to drop in on you in Devon. Meanwhile, be safe, be happy, and be warm! 😉

  • Great slide show of a great year! I always get a huge smile on my face when I see the photos of you arriving after all those days at sea!

    Blessings on you for a wonderful 2010!!

    ps.. isn’t the iLife Suite of software amazing on the Mac?

  • Hi Roz: LOVED the video slide show. I hope your 2010 is as exciting and productive as your 09. Keep it up – you are an inspiration.

    PS. I Especially enjoyed that awesome “Savage” logo at the end of the slide show! 😉

  • What a nice way to start the year by looking back. It seems as though I’ve been right there with you the whole time. I love following your adventures through your blog and looking forward to a grand 2010.

  • Terrific video, Roz! I’ve posted it on my blog and FB page. I referred to you as friend, muse and life coach … for that is what you have been to me … in person and by way of example of one who doesn’t merely move out of one’s ‘box’ but who LEAPS out of it — and all for good! The muse part is that you continue to inspire me (and so many others!) to achieve the things that are in my (our) heart(s) to achieve. Thanks so very much. The value of that alone is staggering … (and that doesn’t even take into account the things you have done and continue to accomplish with bringing awareness and action to ecological issues of such significance). Here’s to all the pieces falling into place in beautiful ways as you ready yourself for the final leg of your solo row across the Pacific, and to a fantastic 2010 (that’s twenty ten, ya’ll) all-around! Australia, here you come!

  • PS: I hear you’re heading to NY again soon. If your schedule permits, let’s do Pure Food & Wine again (that great raw food restaurant at 17th and Irving Place) … and let’s invite your buddy who joined us the last time. 🙂 . . . oh, and Joan from Atlanta too (just saw Joan’s post above!)

  • Roz, very cool slide show … and I love the song, too! The photo of you at the South End Rowing Club is extraordinary and very becoming … my complements to the photographer ;-D

    I have to admit I was a bit distracted by The Sequel: Tight Jeans and Tipping Points in “On This Day…” and it’s pair Tight Jeans and Tipping Points. I need to reduce my personal footprint as well as my carbon footprint. As a reminder to reduce my caloric intake, I have been participating in a global ClimateJusticeFast (dot org) but only a HALF FAST for the HALF-ASSED climate and energy legislation our leaders have given U.S. Well, the Half-fast isn’t getting the job done for my equatorial bulge.

    Your blogs from January 4 and 6 (2009) have inspired me to up the ante. I am today beginning a HARD-ASSED FAST which will be more challenging, something between a ClimateJusticeFast and a HALF-ASSED HALF-FAST. By the time you start rowing again, I hope to look less like the EARTH BALLS you toted around Europe BB2B 2 COP15. Cheers Roz! Love ya!


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