This Christmas card seemed appropriate

Following on from yesterday’s blog, Success – Measure What Matters, this Christmas might be a good time to think about what indeed does matter. If you’ve found yourself too busy doing the Christmas shopping to spend time with your nearest and dearest – or worse, if festive stress has put you on a shorter fuse than usual – it might be worth taking a step back and asking what a “successful” Christmas looks like.

Is it about presents, or people? It might be the thought that counts, but giving time and attention counts too.

Let’s reclaim Christmas from the advertisers and retailers, and give it instead to our family and friends.

Have a very HAPPY Christmas, and an even HAPPIER New Year!!


  • Ummmmmm this is truly unfair this blog and not true! You are talking about making time for families and for them to be together well you have already spilt up a family! this picture of you is at our uncles house which is really unfair for us and the rest of my family because its where we are spending christmas!!!!!! For the first time in our life we are not spending christmas with our family because of you!!! So this blog is fine but don’t you dare put this photo on but we do now have proof you were there!

  • Roz, I certainly have not been “too busy doing the Christmas shopping” and as you know, I am presently (pardon the pun) enjoying bing present (pun intended) with my two grandsons and eldest son. But, as usual you’ve got me to thinking again.

    Happy Christmas to you, Rita, Tanya and others who are special to you.

  • Happy Christmas Roz!…and all those dear to you.
    To be surrounded by family and friends is the backbone of our Christmas…sounds, smiles, sights ,smells, emotions have a lasting joy,.
    “THINGS” do not feature prominently…experiences and accumulated memories do.
    Enjoy your precious time with your family.

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