“Roz’s message is so grounded in reality, presented calmly and clearly, and based on truth. It is refreshing, and opened my eyes in a way others have not.”

“I have to tell you that I have been talking about changing my life for several years. A lot of talking. No action. Meeting you and hearing about what you have accomplished is inspiring me to get focused and take action. I still don’t know where I am going or what I want to do, but today I committed to take the first step.”

“An outstanding success, so much so that every member present stood up in unison to honor her with resounding applause. Her talk was fluent, friendly, self-assured… Stupendously informative and spiritually uplifting.”

“We laughed & cried with you. Truly an uplifting tale. DO keep rowing…AND sparkling!”

“You have created a buzz in our community and set a lot of minds, (young and old) in motion to create their own personal challenges, as well as ways that they can push the limits of human perception.”

“Her successful adventure stands out in the annals of the greatest tests of individual ingenuity, courage, strength, and perseverance. She is engaging, funny, honest and humble.”

“Professional, witty and compelling… a polished speaker who connects with her audience.”

“A captive audience of 400 adolescent boys is a very hard sell, but Roz connected in a way that most public speakers only aspire to.  Of course the story itself (and the video footage) was riveting, and her solo crossing was an extraordinary achievement, but it was Roz’ warmth, humor, accessibility and authenticity that captured our hearts.  When Roz drove away in her little yellow truck, she left behind an energized and inspired community.”

“Your talk on Saturday night was incredible.  When it got to the part of you hugging your Mom, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place! You really wowed them.”

“Our MOSI CIRQLE event was spectacular — because of you!  We thank you very, very much for: being beautiful inside and out; for being articulate and passionate about your craft and your dreams and for being gracious and interested in Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry.”

“One of the most motivational stories of our time… We were extremely pleased with how the younger audience responded to her lecture with enthusiasm and imagination. Her way of engaging an audience to share in her remarkable experience exemplifies the true essence of her voyage – an absolute inspiration!”

“A triumph.”