Tight Jeans and Tipping Points

Yesterday I hit a personal “tipping point” that may sounds trivial in the overall scheme of things, but it gave me some useful insights into human psychology. Ever since I arrived in Hawaii on Sept 1, my weight has been creeping up, little by little, pound by pound. Jeans got a bit tighter, my face got a bit rounder – but the change was never … Continued

Back in the The Big Apple

New York, New York Yesterday I flew from London to New York. Does the Big Apple count as one of my daily 5 portions of fruit and veg? As I was driving my rental car back to the airport, I heard a radio item about a study that suggests that individuals are not to blame for their obesity (estimated to afflict 50% of the UK population … Continued

Getting Fit: The Easy Way

Leeds, Yorkshire, UK Ha! there is no easy way – you knew that! If I knew an easy way to get fit I’d make milliions… No, what I mean is that it’s not rocket science. So I amaze myself by my own shortcomings on this score. Over the last 6 months, while I’ve been in almost constant motion. I have had no end of excuses … Continued