Day 8 – The Retrospective Perspective

Today I've been listening to the audiobook of The Time Traveller's Wife,which has got me thinking about the whole notion of seeing my life as awhole, birth to death, rather than being so bound up in the presentmoment. It's quite a useful perspective – the retrospective perspective. Makes it a lot easier to handle a bit of discomfort when I imagine itfrom the point of … Continued

Breathing Deep, and Keeping the Faith

Image by rozsavage via Flickr It is now less than 4 days before I launch, and it’s all happening. There is still so much to do, and I know it WILL all happen – just not quite sure HOW. But if I’ve learned anything through the last few years, it’s that if you keep the faith, and work your butt off, you can make almost … Continued

RozCast Video from Lake Havasu, Arizona

For a change of pace, today’s blog is a vlog – a video recorded yesterday here in Arizona. This is approximately the format I hope to use for weekly RozCasts while I am out on the ocean on Stage 2 of my trans-Pacific row, so this is a bit of a pilot episode. I’d really welcome some feedback so please feel free to add comments … Continued


You might be interested to see this short video that was created for my presentation to the Brocade worldwide sales team (all 900 of them) a couple of weeks ago. It opens with a scene of me looking very weatherbeaten but very happy out on the Atlantic, and goes on to give an overview of what I’ve done, and why, and what my plans are … Continued