Day 31 – Character Building Stuff

Dictated by Roz, and transcribed by her mother Rita Savage. Position: -06.88196S,  154.14308E This voyage has now definitely reached the stage that can be described as character-building. Long gone are the days when I would sit relaxing and eating my dinner, watching the sun set and reflecting on my day of fair winds, sparkling seas, and record-breaking mileages. Tonight’s dinner was late, long after sunset, … Continued

Day 22 – Three’s a Crowd

Dictated by Roz at 20.37 on Monday 10th May. Transcribed by Rita Savage – with difficulty as the voice message broke up from time to time. Position: -04.25812S, 157.66557 Today I had rather more company than I wanted and saw more people in one day than I saw in 104 days last year. They saw rather more of me than I would have liked. It … Continued