Day 65 – Leave It On The Wave Behind

This morning there were seven little birds on my boat when I woke up. Infact, it was they that woke me up – a couple of them were tap-dancing onthe roof of my sleeping cabin and the unfamiliar noise brought me out ofzzz-land. I came out on deck to find there were two more on the roof ofthe fore cabin, a matching pair on each … Continued

TEAM UPDATE: Roz to hit 1,000 miles…SOON!

Hi Everyone,   Great news…our fearless friend Roz is making amazing progress and in the next 24 hours, she’ll cross the 1,000 mile mark!   Show your support, help us raise some money for Roz and join in a fun game: make your guess as to the exact time (to the nearest second) that she’ll hit that mark. Use the RozTracker to inform your guessing. … Continued

Day 64: You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

This is what my weatherguy wrote to me in his daily email yesterday, comparing where I am now to my wiggly meander down the coast of California and Mexico. I only wish I could see it myself on my chartplotter (not working) or on Marinetrack (not accessible from the boat) so I could appreciate the progress for myself. But it also got me thinking about … Continued