Drastic Plastic: It’s Down To Us

Last night I returned from the 5th International Marine Debris Conference. The conference isn’t over yet, but I have an ocean to row (12 days and counting!) so I had to get back to Fremantle in Australia for final preparations. The conference was eye-opening, in the same uncomfortable and disillusioning way that Copenhagen/COP15 was. I had thought that plastic pollution was much less contentious than, say, … Continued

Day 42 – Plastic Fantastic

Dictated by Roz at 22.07 Tarawa time and transcribed by her mother Rita Savage. Position:  -06.56893   148.59792 I have several management-type books on the iPod such as Blink, Switch, Drive, and various other one-syllable, one word, one verb titles that seem to be mandatory for the genre. Half of them seem to be little more than a sales pitch for you to get the author … Continued

Plastic Bag Ban in Modbury, Devon

It’s a small start, but a powerful reminder of the effect that one individual can have, and from small starts grow great movements…. Rebecca Hosking recently arrived home from the Pacific to her home in Modbury in the West Country. She was concerned about wild life between USA and Hawaii because she had seen dolphins caught up with plastic carrier bags. She has now got … Continued