Hip Update: MRI Scan

San Francisco, California Floyd the Physio is becoming well-acquainted with my backside. Every weekday day for the last week he has iced it, massaged it, stretched it and passed electrical impulses through it. Nobody has been this intimate with my nether regions since I last got a bikini wax. But despite his ministrations, my pain in the posterior persists. This morning I went for an … Continued

Day 7: Soul Surfin’

7 Dec, 05 – 20:50 Latitude: 26° 32′ N Longitude: 20° 37′ W Miles to Antigua: 2299 4pm It’s a pain. It’s only a pain. It’s only an inconvenient physical sensation. Pain is good – it lets me know I’m alive. Love the pain! No sorry, it’s not working. Pain is… A pain. And I wish the one in my right shoulder blade would go … Continued