Day 55: I’m just a girl who can’t say no…

24 Jan, 06 – 21:00 I’m just a girl who can’t say no… …but I’m practising. So, Big Nose, here are a couple of Big Noes. To all special requests for photos – more smiles, grumpy face, ‘silky locks’ etc – No. Sorry. Thin end of the wedge. To all invitations to dinner on my return – very kind, but I can’t accept all the … Continued

Eating for England

500,000 calories – 102 kg of food, including 300 snack bars, 100 sachets of porridge, 7 kg dried milk, 140 sachets of hot chocolate. The photo shows my mother dividing up my huge quantities of provisions into ration packs for my time at sea. In addition to the food, there are 940 wet wipes, 6 tubes of sun cream, 4 tubes of nappy salve, an … Continued

Me and my Mum

Pity my poor Mum. First I commit the crime of causing her massive worry, then I force her to become an accessory to the crime by helping me kit out my boat. And make her handle noxious chemicals necessitating plastic gloves. But she’s still grinning, bless her. In fact, she’s been rather a star. As we’ve been skivvying away on the Solo at Dolphin Quay … Continued