Day 98 – Team Roz is on the Move

Up and at ‘em everyone! Today’s the big day! Team Roz is on the move… Saturday was a fantastically busy day. I raced around getting clothes and gear packed for Roz and myself, and spent lots of time on the internet and on the phone, tying up last minute details. New contacts and very helpful information from Tarawa continued to trickle in about clothing requirements, … Continued

Day 97 – Operation Tarawa

HONOLULU, HAWAII “Whatever I say in the next 10 minutes, please promise me you’ll still be my friend…that you won’t hate me?” When you hear such a plea, you just know that whatever follows will be some pretty serious news. The fact is, I knew it was coming. Wednesday’s rowing conditions were so wretched for Roz that I was certain she’d call me very soon … Continued

Day 1: Launch Day

Today was a bit of a scramble to get things finished, but I’ve started to notice a pattern emerging on my departure days. It’s very difficult to say how I feel – there is a kind of numbness that settles over me. By this stage most of what can be done has been done, and it’s too late to push to achieve more. So I … Continued