T – 6 Days: Thank Heavens For Friends

The final few days in the run-up to an expedition can be challenging. To Do lists seem never-ending and unachievable. Finances look precarious. During the day I keep plugging away (“one oarstroke at a time”) but at 3am I lie awake, the tasks still to be done buzzing around in my head like so many angry bees. But then once in a while there is … Continued

Day 25 – With A Little Help From My Friends

Seems that so far this voyage's blog has been dominated by boobies,bums, and bird poo. I felt it was time to raise the tone a bit, and talkabout my boat – or, more specifically, some of the people who haveworked on her. I often feel like a bit of a fraud when I claim to be a "solo oceanrower" because although the rowing bit is … Continued

Breathing Deep, and Keeping the Faith

Image by rozsavage via Flickr It is now less than 4 days before I launch, and it’s all happening. There is still so much to do, and I know it WILL all happen – just not quite sure HOW. But if I’ve learned anything through the last few years, it’s that if you keep the faith, and work your butt off, you can make almost … Continued